Zambians interested in economic repairs-Nevers


ZAMBIANS are not interested in MMD wrangles but the hope that the economy will get back to its best if the party bounces back into government, MMD leader Nevers Mumba has charged.

And MMD national treasurer Elizabeth Chitika has called upon the party officials in Kapiri Mposhi to remain united and truthful to the calling and aspirations of the party if MMD was to garner enough votes this year.

Dr. Mumba said this on Sunday during a meeting with MMD constituency and district leaders in Kapiri-Mposhi at the Peniel Executive Lodge.

He said MMD members should not pay attention to those who wanted to bring unnecessary confusions in the party as their aim was to destroy the party just like the UNIP got messed up a few years after losing an election.

Dr Mumbi said members should guard against people who were attempting to use underhand methods to usurp power by coming back to the party to breed confusion after ditching the party and opted to work with others in last year’s presidential election.

“Zambians are not interested in our fights; they are interested in seeing that the economy of the country improves so that they can enjoy the quality of life just like they did when we were in power.  If we are not united, we shall destroy this party just like UNIP got destroyed soon after losing elections but this shall never happen. We need to work together and move forward,” he said.

Dr. Mumba said there will be a lot of desperation among members of political parties as the country was nearing the polls but advised MMD members not to be swayed by desperate individuals who wanted their personal needs to be met ahead of those of the party.

“As we go to the elections, most political parties will make decisions out of desperation because they are afraid as anxiety will creep in on which party they should support in order to secure their interest. Please remain committed and focussed. Don’t be lured into following other parties,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ms Chitika called upon party officials in the district to remain united and truthful to the calling and aspirations of the party if the MMD was to garner enough votes this year.

Ms. Chitika said there was no need for MMD members to ditch the party barely five years after losing an election when parties like the PF were in the opposition for 10 years before they could form government.

She called on MMD members to exercise the same perseverance that was exhibited by other political parties in order for the party to bounce back into government adding that there was no need for the party leadership to be playing double standards over the parties they were supporting.

Ms Chitika said there was need for officials to be sincere in their dealings by remaining truthful to the party or follow their aspirations if they thought that they did not need to be in the MMD .

She said all officials had a constitutional right to choose which party they wanted to belong to adding that the party would not hold them to ransom for leaving the MMD to support other parties.

“Avoid playing double-standards, if you are MMD, be MMD but if you want to join other parties, you are free to do so because it is your constitutional right and so, if you want to remain in MMD, remain, but if you want to leave, you can leave.

“We don’t want to have member who will be MMD during the day but support other parties at other times. Stop pretending and be sincere,” Ms. Chitika said.

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