MMD for sale?


SOME disgruntled Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) members have been paid huge sums of money to distabilise the party with the aim of surrendering it to the opposition UPND, it has been revealed.

In a petition received by Malama Sokoni at the MMD secretariat yesterday, the former ruling party revealed that some senior officials were scared of the prospects of the a formidable alliance with the PF and would therefore want to frustrate the process.

The MMD in Lusaka through its Shibuyunji district chairman Leonard Lweendo has charged that some of its senior officials had allegedly offered to sale the former ruling party to the UPND at an amount they have not disclosed so that the MMD could be obliterated to pave way for a smooth victory for the opposition political party.

But UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party was not in the business of buying political parties but was only mobilizing in readiness for the general elections in August this year.

All the MMD provincial chairpersons and their district officials yesterday congregated at their party secretariat to petition their leadership to reject calls for a national convention by a faction within the party which is agitating for the removal of Nevers Mumba from the helm of the former ruling party.  Reading a petition against calls for a convention at the MMD secretariat yesterday, Shibuyunji MMD district chairman Leonard Lweendo said the former ruling party had information and evidence that some senior party officials had ganged up against Dr Mumba with the aim of destroying the party. Mr Lweendo stated that the group of senior officials scheming to sell the MMD off was ‘‘frustrated and scared’’ of the possible alliance between the Patriotic Front (PF) and the former ruling party.

Mr Lweendo said the confusion in the MMD was being sponsored by party officials who have since been expelled from the party because they were allegedly aligned to the opposition UPND.

He alleged that huge amounts of money had already exchanged hands and that the MMD was being staked for sale.

“I wish to announce that what is happening to the party (MMD) is not arranged by genuine members. All the people behind the events are expelled members of the party who are now UPND sympathisers.  ‘‘Money has exchanged hands and as you may know, election time is peak season for making money for professional double-dealers. These desperate enemies are closely working with the enemies of the party and thousands of Kwacha have already exchanged hands to hand over the MMD to UPND or completely destroy it,” Mr Lweendo said.

Mr Lweendo said enemies of the MMD were forcing the party to hold what he termed ‘‘fake’’ convention in an attempt to forcibly install a preferred candidate who would then be a vehicle of auctioning the former ruling party.

He said the MMD structures in Lusaka would continue to offer their unflinching support to Dr Mumba whom they said had worked hard to keep the party intact after it lost elections in 2011.

But Mr Kakoma when contacted said the MMD risked becoming extinct if its leadership was going to continue wrangling among themselves.  Mr Kakoma said the UPND was an organized political party that was not in the business of buying political parties and advised the former ruling party to resolve its internal problems if it were to remain relevant to the country’s political environment.

“It is public knowledge that the MMD has resolved to form an alliance with the PF and we do not know how the UPND can get involved in such. There are members in the MMD who have gone to court against Dr Mumba and we have nothing to do with that.

‘‘We are an organized political party and we are not in the business of buying political parties. We are busy mobilizing in readiness for the general elections in August this year,” Mr Kakoma said.





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