Land dispute ends in consent order


The case in which two Lusaka city civic leaders were sued by two companies for allegedly interfering in the ownership of a piece of land has ended peacefully in the Lusaka High Court with a consent order.

The Lusaka High Court has entered a Consent Judgment after evidence proved that a Chinese company legally acquired and obtained title for a disputed piece of land.

This is in a matter in which former Lusaka Mayor and Roma ward 17 Councilor Daniel Chisenga and  his Ngwerere Ward 19 countapart Frederick Bwalya were dragged to court in a matter of trespassing and interfering on private property in Lusaka’s Olympia area.

A Chinese company, Zambia Fencing Contractors Limited and Helios Green Products Company Limited as first and second plaintiff, sued the two civic leaders for alleged trespassing on private property.

But yesterday High Court Justice Flugence Chisanga entered a consent judgment in favour of Zambia Fencing as the legal owner of the piece of land at stand number LN-249/3 and that Helios Green Products company Limited, the second plaintif lawfully acquired the property from the former.

“That following this Consent Order, the defendants herein undertake that there shall be no interference in the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of stand number LN-2494/3 in Lusaka owned by the second planitif (Helios) and that with this undertaking, the injunction order granted by the court and all pending applications herein fall away,” the judgment read.   Facts before court were that Zambia Fencing sued the two civic leaders for interference after it accused them of sending assailants to disturb their work on the land, which disrupted their productivity.

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