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By Philemon Nyirenda


INVESTRUST Bank Plc is an indigenous Bank that has served Zambia for 20 years through its diverse set of products and services designed to enhance personal growth and economic development in the nation.

The Bank’s Head Office is housed at Plot number 19028/29 Ody’s Park, Great East Road with a footprint of 27 branches and agencies, combined, across the country.

As the connotation in the Bank’s name implies, Investrust Bank Plc is a local bank that you can trust to advance your personal financial aspirations or business goals.

The Bank, whose shareholding is wholly Zambian, first opened its doors to the public in 1996 as a merchant bank based in Lusaka.

Over the years, the Bank has recorded many operational milestones that include listing on the Lusaka Stock Exchange, giving an opportunity to Zambians to own a stake in the financial institution and establishment of branches in almost all provincial centres of Zambia.

In direct response to the need to increase financial awareness, deepening and inclusion, the Bank has launched the Agency Banking model that has taken banking services to far-flung locations in the country. Under Agency Banking, the Bank recruits agents, mainly entrepreneurs, to provide basic services such as taking deposits and paying out cash and even opening the cheapest account on the Zambian financial market – the Eaze Account that can be opened with only K10!

Being an indigenous bank, Investrust understands the needs and expectations of Zambians and thus all its products and services are tailored to meet local demand and expectations at very affordable fees.

The comprehensive menu of products and services available at the Bank include savings accounts specially designed to meet and suit the needs of various individual customers on the retail business. For the convenience of its personal customers, Investrust Bank Plc has a network of more than 60 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) located on and off-site branch premises.

All personal accounts at Investrust Bank come with either the Investrust GreenCard or Pay Easy Card. These are debit cards. The GreenCard is VISA enabled and can be used anywhere in the world to either draw cash from ATMs or pay for goods and services at point of sale terminals (POS).

As a Bank that is in touch with modern trends, Investrust has invested substantially in the development of mobile banking solutions through InvestMobile. Customers are now able to transact using their mobile phones to make bill payments, money transfers (between accounts within the Bank and to other banks), buy airtime, check account balances and more. The InvestMobile is the central platform on which Agency Banking operates.

On the Corporate side, a wide range of options is available to support large business growth through quality service delivery channels among which InvestNet (internet banking) ranks high.

Investrust Bank has an active leasing capability under Corporate Business where individuals and businesses can acquire operational assets through InvestLease that are amortized over fixed periods providing relief to customers as they do not have to dip into their working capital to procure equipment, machinery or vehicles to enhance their operations.

The Bank recognizes the importance of emerging businesses hence its focus on supporting Small to Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) an area where the Bank has a dedicated product in the Kantemba SME Business Account.

Farmers, small and large scale, are catered for in the Bank’s set of products and services. For the smaller farmer, the affordable InvestFarmer Account is available.

It is a hard fact that one cannot grow their business at the desired rate using their own funds; therefore, external financial assistance is cardinal. Investrust Bank provides both business and personal loans to customers.

All loan applications are appraised and approved locally by a competent team of professionals, without having to be referred to “home offices” making the turn around time a comfort to discerning customers.

Currently, Dr. Richard Chembe, a seasoned Economist and Central Bank operative with extensive experience that has seen him work at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and in the recent past as Economic Advisor to former Republican President Mr. Rupiah Banda, heads the Bank as Managing Director.

Dr. Jacob Mwanza, former Bank of Zambia Governor, leads the Investrust Bank Plc Board of Directors. Members are Mrs. Eva Jhala a former Permanent Secretary in the Government of the Republic of Zambia and seasoned lawyer, Mr. Eddie Samakai, an Insurance guru and Mr. Hampande Hachongo a prominent senior accountant.

In view of the foregoing, it only makes financial sense to do business with Investrust Bank Plc as the Bank is truly local and yours – as the tagline goes – Bank With Your Own.


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