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By Prof.Mwansa Hamududu Nyambe,PhD

Please be objective and realistic and impartial. It does not pay to impose blindness on yourself towards development projects taking place right in the area you live and where you originate from and worst of all to come worse than an uninformed cadre of an opposition party.

6. Again, there is need to put things straight, correct and clear regarding this statement again said by you, Dr Beyani: “Look at how they have completely failed to lower the cost of living in this country!

The price of mealie-meal is high, transportation is also high, the cost of doing business is high and just everything has gone up and they now want to plead with suffering Zambians that they go for another term! I think that will be so unfair to ourselves to vote for problems again.

Voting for PF will be inexcusable on our part as Zambians because we are living in evidence of poverty and suffering that gives us all the reasons not to allow these people to rule us again.” This is a very incorrect statement and lacks merit and attracts a rebuttal. As indicated earlier, INESOR was established to conduct research that will solve people’s problems that includes lowering the cost of living.

You as a senior research fellow again, what has been your contribution towards addressing this issue? INESOR is not at its expected level of performance because there is no much research going on as people like you entrusted with the responsibility of conducting very high level research are shunning that opting to give personal opinions that are political instead of providing evidence-based information that can feed into government policy.

If you are concerned about people’s high cost of living, why can’t you use your research skills and position to establish how this can be solved and provide your findings and recommendations to government than choosing to issue partisan statements in the media? Further, I have a question for you, have you attempted to have a glance at the Zambia Demographics and Health Survey (ZDHS) published by the Central Statistics Office to see how the country is doing in respect of standards of living? Please try to do that as a senior research fellow so you do not make people doubt your level of competency as a scholar and researcher?

Did you know that despite the recent economic setbacks caused by external shocks and negative publicity by persons like you, the standards of living for most Zambians have improved? Did you know that the middle class in growing? Did you know that cost of doing business in Zambia is reducing at a faster rate?

Dr Beyani, please direct your energies towards finding long lasting solutions to our country’s social and economic problems through INESOR not through UPND which is far from presiding over the affairs of this country. If you the people we expect to revamp INESOR are avoiding to undertake and perform at full-capacity or full-productivity all your duties and responsibilities, there is no doubt that INESOR will continue being a shadow of itself and will continue conducting research for donors only.

It is worth noting that you are a senior research fellow who should further direct your energies at mentoring the young researchers and lecturers at UNZA.

This country needs objective, unbiased and evidence-based information for decision-making and problem-solving. Cheap talk from scholars should be fought tooth and nail. Provide solutions on how mealie-meal prices can go down like the President Lungu has done through the provision and solar milling plants, supporting agriculture and livestock and fisheries, providing affordable maize to willing and capable milling plants that with a condition of selling mealie-meal at  affordable prices. So, Dr. Beyani, please use your presence at INESOR to find more solutions to this problem especially that INESOR is supposed to conduct research on agriculture and rural development as well.

7. Dr Beyani you are quoted to have said, ““Other than hunger and the high cost of living, PF’s failures are clear on the walls as they are seen through the breakdown in the governance system of the country.

The breakdown in the governance system can be connected to the breakdown of law and order. And this can be associated with the selective application of the public order Act.”

Dr Beyani, you opinion the governance system breaking down is wrong. There is a government in place headed by President Lungu all government systems are running smoothly. You will do well to again use empirical evidence to utter such statements. President has worked hard to ensure that the governance system is efficient, effective, productive and cost-effective despite so many forces attempting every minute to make this country ungovernable.

If President Lungu was not a strong and visionary leader, Zambia would have been turned into an ungovernable chaotic entity as the forces against him, his leadership, and the general citizenry spend so much time, energy and resources at scheming day and night how to make the country ungovernable

8. Again Dr Beyani comments, “What happened for instance at Ndola airport when travellers were stranded because PF cadres invaded the airport is a clear indictment on this government and the breakdown in the systems of government. And the worst part, for me and any Zambian, is that there has been no response from the President, Mr Lungu. And those thugs at the airport were wearing his T-shirt; chanting ‘’Ifintu ni Lungu’’.

And in his name, they caused mayhem and he has not bothered to make an appropriate response. Dr Beyani further wondered why the government, especially the Head of State and his senior party officials, had failed to be honest on what happened in Ndola.

President Lungu has been quiet and I think there was a response from this former priest, Frank Bwalya, who is reported to have said that those were not PF cadres but jerabos; now how does he know that they were jerabos as opposed to PF cadres?”. This incorrect analysis of the situation referred to here worries most of us, especially that it is coming from a PhD holder in History from one of the world’s top-notch universities in the United States. It is clear that the police professionally and timely controlled the situation. There is no private or public property that was damaged or lost. There was life that was lost or injured.

The police put up measures to normalise the situation, so what are you referring to Dr Beyani? Dr Beyani, do you expect the president to be commenting on anything? If so, where will he find time to work on more pressin social and economic matters, especially that the country needs him more during this time when he is correcting the economic situation? It baffles me sometimes, to watch Zambians on some private TV stations asking that the President goes and attends to short-term and manageable problems that can be addressed by their councillors, MPs or even some just by themselves. This is not different from what Dr Beyani is asking. Dr Beyani is forgetting that the President has special assistants who address issues on his behalf especially in government.

The police command on the Copperbelt issued the statement on the matter. Is that not enough? Only President Lungu should speak all the time, every time anytime, and on everything and anything, everywhere and anywhere as demanded by Dr Beyani. Is that possible? Is Frank Bwalya, a Deputy Spokesperson for the PF and Chairman for Information and Communication not qualified enough and comment on the Ndola situation?

Dr Beyani, please be fair and honest. Does the Vice-Chancellor who is the Chief Executive for UNZA where you work comment on everything and anything that goes on at INESOR for instance? Do you participate in each and every activity in your home in Kafue or your family? I am made to believe your wife and children have certain responsibilities that you have assigned them and perform them as such.

9.         Again Dr Beyani, I have questions on another of your statement: “…this has been the trend, the selective use of the public order Act, the inconsistency in government policies and the selective condemnation of acts of violence.”  It is being economical with the truth when Zambians like Dr Beyani pretend to be economical with the truth.

There is no doubt that Dr Beyani knows the need for the Public Order Act. The focus is mainly on public gatherings for his party. It is not a hidden fact that President Lungu is the leader of the PF and Zambia. If you want to appreciate the use of the Public Order Act, view President Lungu not as PF President only, but also as the duly elected Sixth President of the Republic of Zambia.

This being the case, and it shall never be erased in history, he has every right to address gatherings anytime, anywhere and everywhere. The opposition leaders make a mistake of thinking that they are at par with President Lungu so they should also be given the same treatment. There is not such a thing. There is no equality when it come to that.

Not even in a true socialist state if it ever exists or ever existed in the world. So, the Public Order Act is there to protect the public.

10. Though, Dr Beyani has a right to belong to any party like the one he belongs to which is more like a religious organisation for a certain grouping whose leader is considered more like a supreme being by some followers, he should concentrate his efforts on contributing towards turning INESOR’s vision into reality which vision is: “To be a leader in Social Science research and scholarly programmes that are relevant to the development of society.”  Further, Dr Beyani should dedicate all his energies at articulating the mission for INESOR not for his party using the INESOR job title. The country will respect and recognise him more than his party will ever do if he articulated and put the INESOR mission to fruition which mission is: “To undertake interdisciplinary Social Science research that responds to/and informs pertinent policy questions through research, teaching and consultancy.”

For now let me go on Google and check how much work Dr Choolwe Beyani has published as a senior researcher and probably share with you next time since I live miles and miles away from my motherland, Zambia.

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  1. says:

    Prof may you come back to zambia and help to impart knowledge to thes educated fulls. If at Unza we had such people even student could not resort to violence. People like beyani are involved to incite students to riot. Edgar is very smart and down to earth no wonder people will vote him massively. Beyani you are finished by educated fellow Prof Mwansa.bplease ba professor come back we need your scope to develop this country.

  2. FuManchu says:

    What is all this rambling about Prof? It’s all scholary between Beyani and yourself you both belong to opposing political camps thus the lengthy article just exalts a learned cadre attacking another! Prof. Mwansa Hamududu Nyambe would your party accept guidance from Beyani of the opposite and vice versa? I doubt it very much maybe the two of you can take your debate to lecture theatres. Mine is simplicity and why Zambia is in its current economic mess!


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