Lungu should sort out the remnant cartel members


President Lungu should not use sunglasses to detect the cartel’s  remnants but political binoculars so as to cleanse the Patriotic Front of some members who want to see that the party is brought to its knees.  The sooner the better because there are some cartel members who want to bring confusion in the party and these must be sorted out before the August 11 general elections.

PF Youth.


Kanyama compound needs LCC intervention  


The outbreak of cholera in Lusaka’s Kanyama compound makes sad reading. I always wonder why this compound tends to be the ‘source’ of this epidemic. I feel it is high time that Lusaka City Council come up with measures to improve hygiene in the area especially in markets where food is sold in structures that do not meet the standards. I pray for the quick recovery of our brothers and sisters who have found themselves in such circumstances.

Kanyama Resident.


 ZNFU bosses should bring back the money


I would like to comment on the on-going investigations at Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) over the alleged financial transgressions the bosses have been accused of. It is quite sad that money which was meant for farmers in this case smallholder farmers was allegedly channelled to accounts of the bosses. This level of corruption is equivalent to killing innocent farmers who were supposed to benefit from the same funds. I am sure the investigations will yield positive results. We want these people to bring back the people’s money.

DH, Lusaka


Men fearing to report GBV cases


Allow me to comment on the issue of gender based violence particularly with violence that perpetrated by women. It makes sad reading when men fail to report when they are beaten by their wives. The societal norms have to some extent led men to shunning to report to police when they are beaten by their wives. I would like to appeal to fellow men to report to police when they are physically abused by their wives. Even police officers should also help us instead of making fun of the beatings.

Harold.J, Kabwe


 Daily Nation pro-PF


I stopped writing to your text messages column because your aim to support PF articles insulting opposition parties. You have stopped balancing. What a shame! Your paper has become pro-PF.

Sad reader.


Sampa should avoid the Post


A word of advice to Mr Sampa. The suggested consultations with what you termed family and your supporters is not necessary. Instead seek an audience with Fr. Bwalya or the secretary general of the PF for a way forward. The problem I see  is not you as Mr Sampa but for you to embrace and give an interview to the party’s enemy number one – The Post. It’s clear to all committed members of PF that whoever is seen close to the cartel’s mouth piece, the reactions is that of indifference towards that person and  they cannot be blamed for that. So the best is to avoid the Post if you have the love for your party PF.

 Micky, Lusaka


Chongwe runs out of  condoms


Chongwe town has run out of condoms and safe plan in all the drug stores, shops  and bars; we are told  that the Ministry of Health  has stopped the sale of the  items in these places. Only  hospitals and clinics will be providing them. People are worried of getting unwanted pregnancies and more infections.

Concerned  resident, Chongwe.

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