Where is opposition integrity?

Zambians have every right to demand integrity and principled conduct from members of the opposition who want to get in power.

The UPND which is the strongest party to challenge PF has failed to observe the most basic requirement of holding a convention, meaning that all the leaders are in awe of the President who is mightier than the organization.

The Vice President of Administration GBM is in between parties. He claims to be PF while serving as an opposition Vice President.

Miles Sampa another opposition leader is between parties. He is leading the DF while clinging to the position in PF.

Where is principle in all these schemes. How can these people be trusted with state power when they fail to observe simple rules of decency. I am shocked that MMD Treasurer Chitika has been bombarded with insults for suggesting that Felix Mutati should call for a UPND convention because that party held the last one in 2006 and has been due for some time.

Those attacking Chitika must explain why the party has never held a convention since 2006 instead of attacking her.

If these opposition parties can cut corners before they get in Government what will happen when they have instruments of power in their control? I shudder to imagine.

If opposition leaders want to  sit in two parties in full view of the public, what respect will they have for the same public  they want to lead. Zambians must not allow this type of unprincipled politics to enter the corridors of power. They must demand for full integrity. GK.


Don’t sign grade 12 amendment

Allow me space in your paper to commend the Republican President on his stance taken not to sign The Grade 12 requirement for one to stand as a councilor or area MP should the bill go back to parliament.It makes me shudder as to where were the law makers when they were voting for the 51+1 bill to pass through?

it means these men and women don’t read, they are just swayed by the winds and now that they have realised that they are affected they want to make amends to suit their selfish desires!If they don,t have Grade 12 certificates and still want to be MPs, let them go back to School,after all ECZ has even made it easier for one sitting for GCE to acqire a certifiacte at one sitting unlike in the past when GCE was restricted to 4 subjects only.Teachers are more than ready to share in their gratuities via tutions.

Once more i urge the President not to bow down to the demands of those wishing to revisit the already signed constittuion.Shall we have learned men and women in the August House,if there are any amends to be made then for to stand as an MP they must possess at least a Professional certificate in addition to a Grade 12 certificate.

Long Live Chagwa!!



Mutati is a  serious let down

It is shocking that people of Mutati’s  Calibre could still be unable to understand  the meaning of politics even after spending some reasonable amount of time in politics. Felix Mutati seems to be under the illusion that politics is about sweet talking and using economic terms without putting into action the said words. Politics is about serving mankind where ever you are. Is this the man Zambia floated for the UN job? Did we do due diligence when we supported him for the job?

Next time we are faced with such a situation in which we are required to recommend one of our citizens for such a key role, we should only consider those who are passionate about the welfare of other citizens not those who are only interested in fattening their wallets.

One thing I have learnt from Dr Nevers Mumba, is his concern for fellow citizens.

When he realised that the UPND wanted to frustrate the constitution making process by shooting the constitution bill of 2015 which was signed into law by president Edgar, he graciously acted by advising his MPS to support the bill. One thing I fail to understand about some of the experienced politicians is that while they make noise about the promotion of democracy, they are busy being used as campaign material by a party that have shown no sign of championing democracy, the last time the Upnd went to the convention was in 2006, so what ideals can one talk about in the Upnd? Why should Felix Mutati ruin his political career for few pieces of silver?

It is clear that he is being misled by the political blinds.

Mutati must rise above mediocrity, as a presidential aspirant, he must show good judgement, he ought not to be influenced by primary school kind of peer pressure. Let me take this opportunity to remind people such as Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, Kabinga Pande, Ronnie Shikapwasha, Prof Lungwangwa and Felix Mutati that never should they make personal decisions in politics without considering the general populars.

Of late these senior leaders have acted selfishly. These people know that the Pf government under Edgar Lungu has performed exceptionally well and it has continued to steer the nation in the right direction but they still want to support Upnd because of their personal reasons, they have ignored fundamental issues such as tribalism and intolerance of the leadership and their members let alone lack of democracy in party.

I appeal to president Lungu to invite people who are willing to contribute to national development. There is no need for the change of government. I wish the president God’s protection as he continues to deliver development across the country.

Enock Chulu


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