PREPAID water meters fitted in residential houses by the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) are reported to have created a water crisis in some parts of Lusaka.

Engineers at the company have advised management to abandon the prepaid water meters project as it was unsuccessful.

“The project has failed, it is a serious liability to the company,” said one of the engineers.

An affected resident of Lusaka’s Emmasdale Mr. David Kapekwe said he now budgets for his water units every week because units only last for a few days regardless of the amount he pays.

’’I now budget for water weekly and fortunately enough my family’s consumption is usually low,” Mr Kapekwe said.

Another resident who sought anonymity said pressure is mounting on the ground and advised the LWSC to move in and do something about the situation.

“In residential areas water finishes in two days whether it’s for K50 or K100,” she said.

But LWSC marketing and public relations manager Topsy Sikalinda said the company had not yet sat down to come up with a solution.

The pre-paid meter was aimed at modernizing the water payment system through which the customers would be able to buy water units using their phones, the internet and other available technologies convenient to them and improve service delivery.

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