MMD president Nevers Mumba has urged former President Rupiah Banda to help bring back the party’s members who left to join and support other parties just before the 20th January 2015 presidential by-elections.

And Dr Mumba said there was no need for Zambians to be jittery over the amended Constitution with regard to the Grade 12 certificate nomination requirement for those vying to stand as councillors, parliamentary and presidential candidates because the provisions came from the people.

Dr Mumba said Mr Banda should help bring peace and unity both in the MMD and the country.

He was speaking during a live phone-in programme at Mkushi community radio station on Saturday evening.

Dr. Mumba said the MMD was still open to members of the party who ditched it during last year’s election.

He said Mr. Banda would play a critical role in ensuring that the party moved forward.

Dr Mumba said his party was open to all those who wanted to come back after realising that they did not have any role to play in other parties they joined.

He however said the prodigal MMD members needed to humble themselves so that unity and peace continued to prevail as opposed to breeding confusion.

Dr. Mumba said Mr. Banda was an important individual to the MMD even though he did not hold any position because he was a father, a counsellor, an advisor and a former president whose guidance was vital to the party in bringing reconciliation and peace.

“Mr. Banda could help the party by bringing back the people that went to the PF and the UPND. The MMD is open to all those who left the party last year and want to come back and we believe Mr. Banda can bring back these people and create harmony in the party.

“Mr. Banda does not have any position in the party right now but being our former president, he is our counsellor, our advisor and an elder whom we can call on to provide guidance to us and we are looking at him as our advisor, counsellor and supporter of the party that brought him into power. Those who want to fight, we are not interested in fighting; we want to move forward,” Dr. Mumba said.

He also said the amended Constitution was not coined by the Government in power but the people of Zambia and that there was no need for people to complain especially over the Grade 12 certificate as one of the requirements for someone to stand in this year’s election.

Dr Mumba said those who were saying that the Constitution was aimed at maligning those who did not have the privilege to go to school were being insincere because it was the same people who were making the submissions to the draft Constitution.

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