THE Church is slowly losing respect and confidence of people because of some selfish and greedy clergymen who have departed from preaching the word of God and are instead preaching about ‘‘sowing the seed’’ which they use to buy expensive vehicles for themselves, says Reformed Church of Zambia Synod moderator Moses Mwale has said.

And Kitwe district commissioner Chanda Kabwe has urged the church to pray for peace and unity ahead of the 2016 elections, especially that some politicians in the country have been exhibiting hatred and bitterness in their political statements.

Rev Mwale said it was sad that among the clergymen and women, there was a spirit of selfishness and greed of getting even the little from poor people to buy expensive vehicles and live in luxury with their families.

During a sermon at a service to welcome Rev  Chazanga Phiri as head of the new Riverside congregation, Rev Mwale said it was shameful that some clergyman have turned the church into a money spinning venture where they collect money to buy expensive vehicles for themselves.

“When you look around, people are selfish and greedy. It is unfortunate that even among the clergymen and women, there is a spirit of selfishness and greediness. You find clergymen telling people to sow a seed and when they sow that seed in terms of money, some clergymen use it to buy expensive vehicles for themselves.

“This is happening among men of God, but it is not good because clergymen should not concentrate on issues of money, but preaching the word of God to the people so that they understand and get saved,” Rev Mwale said.

He urged Rev Phiri to approach the word of God with courage because the congregants at Riverside were interested in listening to the word which would build them spiritually and make them do things which were desirable in the eyes of God.

“There is nothing special about Riverside congregation, but only to preach the world of God. These congregants need nothing but the word of God.

Even you congregants here, God has made you to live to this time for a reason and so you need to change and do God’s work,” Rev Mwale said.

He advised politicians to change for the better and stop politics of insults, mudslinging, malice, hate and bitterness because such kind of politics would divide the nation.

“It is really sad that in Zambia if you insult, then you are a good politician.

As a church, we don’t want politics of insults. We want politicians of change, to stop insulting each other,” Rev Mwale said.

And Mr Kabwe urged the church to pray for politicians who were always harbouring bitterness and hatred against each other.

He said the church was a strong partner of the government and it should always pray for peace and reject politics of bitterness and hatred being perpetrated by some people.

“Politicians come from church and so we are asking the church to pray for those politicians who harbour hatred against their colleagues to stop. It is only the church that can pray for unity, peace and harmony especially now that we are heading towards elections,” Mr Kabwe said.

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