THE Barotse Royal Establishment has rejected Josiah Litia Nyumbu as Chief Chiengele of the Mbunda speaking people of Western Province.

The BRE has said it would soon install a new chief Chiengele as per tradition.

BRE spokesperson Induna Katema, Moowa Zambwe, explained that the tradition had its way of dealing with customs and is not dictated to by Zambian courts.

‘‘When we read the High Court judgement that ruled in favour of Chief Chiengele, actually the courts of law did not include us as traditional leaders, but it targeted the State.

‘‘In this case we are patiently waiting to hear the stance of the Government through the office of the Attorney General because we are not part to the lawsuit that resulted in the judgment that cleared Chief Chiyengele,” he said.

Induna Katema said it was unfortunate that Chief Chiengele was claiming that he represented the Mbundas when Western Province chiefs represented all the people living under their jurisdiction regardless of tribe, a practice that has been enforce since time immemorial.

“What is saddening is that some chiefs want to divide people by tribe, and if it were so then it means most of the chiefs are not going to be in a traditional hierarchy, but the case at hand is that all the chiefs are the same and representing all the people,” he said.

Induna Katema said Western Province accommodated all the chiefs and that the issue of tribe in the area was not a priority.

He appealed to Government to investigate the operation of the judiciary which was a backbone of democracy, adding that issues that confront the judiciary were enormous.

But the Mbundas condemned the BRE and said they must respect public institutions of high standing such as courts of law which constitute the judiciary.

Mbunda Royal Establishment spokesperson Kennedy Mubanga said it was not fair for the BRE to have called for an indaba to deliberate on a judgment in a case of Chief Chiengele.

“We therefore wish to once again call upon the Government to urgently resolve the deadlock on the Barotseland Agreement 1964 through the only legitimate and democratic means of resolving disputes,” he said.

The High Court reinstated Josiah Litia Nyumbu as Chief Chiengele of the Mbunda speaking people last month after he was dethroned by the Barotse Royal Establishment for alleged insubordination in 2014.

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