ALL presidential aspirants that have continued to complain over the hiking of the presidential nomination fees must seek the support of their supporters, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has said.

YALI president Andrew Ntewewe said the solution was not to reduce the fees but for presidential candidates to work with their 1000 supporters which they were required to produce if they had to contest the elections.

“The spirit of the Constitution is such that the people who wish to be president must have a national character and acceptability. What that means is that you are supposed to have people to sympathize with you on your wishes to aspire for presidency,” he explained.

Mr Ntewewe said as much as the nomination fee was K75, 000 which some presidential candidates thought as enormous, they were supposed to have the ability to command adequate support from the people.

“Even if the charge is K75, 000 , if you are able receive support from the people then it will be very easy for you to organize that amount. Practically speaking you have to understand that the Constitution has given yet another provision that requires each and every candidate to have a minimum of 1000 supporters for the nomination to be successful, so these supporters who are supposed to be gotten from all over the country must believe in your candidature , wouldn’t it be prudent for you to just talk to them and ask for k75?” Mr Ntewewe asked.

He said this would be a way for the presidential candidate to know who was supporting their candidature.

Mr Ntewewe said those that could not afford the fees were better off rallying behind other political parties to avoid having a lot of candidates in turn splitting votes.

He said that it would be better to have few presidential candidates to avoid elections re-runs which would be very expensive for the country.

“We are going to have the requirement of the 50 percent plus one vote and if we allow so many candidates, they will only split votes and you will have to go for a presidential re-run, which is very, very expensive for the country, it is as expensive as a first round election. The spirit of the Constitution is not that we should have presidential re-run , in fact it could be better for us to have an election in the first round with a presidential candidate getting the required votes,” Mr Ntewewe explained.

He also said YALI would have wished the nomination fee for the president to be raise to K150, 000 as the presidency was not for everyone.

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