Sampa, Orange Alliance for  political abyss


Miles Sampa is latest one to be put on a “Cartel badge” hence he and the Orange alliance are destined for political abyss.

PF Patriotic student.


 Cure for UNZA and CBU riots


The source of riots at most public institutions of higher learning is in most cases delayed payment of meal allowances. Hence the solution to curb rioting at  these institutes is to abolish bursaries. There are no riots at private institutions of higher learning because students there appreciate money spent on their education and normally avoid prolonging their stay at the  institutions by ensuring that  they complete courses within stipulated periods. It’s the responsibility of parents/guardians to educate their children/relatives while that of government is to facilitate by way of construction schools, colleges and universities. We can’t continue to have free education 51 years after independence.

Aggrieved citizen, Lusaka


Siamenene should  leave Sichinga alone


I pity Mr. Richwell Siamunene  over comments on Mr Bob Sichinga. I thought that man would have respect for a party which made him to be what he is today. Talking about tribalism how many people does the UPND have who are not Tongas? And how many ministers are Bembas in the PF? He now supports PF because he has seen that in PF anyone can easily achieve their dreams one day.

Concerned citizen, Mazabuka


Check against fake Grade 12 certificates


For Grade 12 clause in the constitution to work properly, Examination Council of Zambia and Electoral Commission of Zambia must work together to avoid fake certificates Let  there be comprehensive school certificate verification at  nomination centres.

Kelvin Mukule, Kabwe


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