Dear Editor

The most effective and practical way of solving this infighting in MMD is to ask former Republican President Rupiah Banda to make his position known between Nevers Mumba and  Felix Mutati.

Many of us who continue to support RB because he was and still remains a true statesman are confused as to whether to support Nevers who had initially opposed RB.

When Mutati went to campaign for the UPND, we remained with RB and I gave my vote to Lungu, with whom I am very well pleased because he has continued the tradition of statesmanship in his conduct, humble and listening.

In 2011 987,866 people voted for RB under MMD. In   contrast 2015 14, 609 voted for Never Mumba who stood on MMD while 807,925 voted for Lungu.

Put differently the difference between people who voted for RB and those for Nevers is 973,257.

These people are still there for MMD if it puts its act together.

Compare this to 780,168 which HH got in 2015.

Theoretically and given the 2015 figures RB would have beaten HH by nearly 200,000 votes or 193,089 votes to be specific.

Therefore whoever takes the confidence of the MMD followers will undoubtedly carry the day. The situation has even been made much easier by the Post newspaper joining the other side.

Time has come for Zambians to stand by the truth and justice.

Ephraim Kanongesha, Ndola



Dear Editor,

This is for our Dr Choolwe Beyani of UNZA. When in our homes, for some reason there are difficulties with feeding, would it be fair to tell our children that they should get used to suffering instead of working hard to overcome those problems?

Would you not rather encourage your children to soldier on for a better tomorrow? I think that would be the right way of handling the problem.

So for Dr Beyani to stand on top of the hill and announce that Zambians should get used to suffering because of what he claims to bad leadership in government is neither here nor there.

In fact it does not make any sense at all.

There is no community in the world, UNZA included without challenges.

I wish also to assure Dr Beyani that it is not true that voting for PF is voting for problems because there is no guarantee that any new government will perform wonders when the opposite is also possible. Zambians could actually be jumping from the pan into the actual fire. In any case the masters, the Zambians will decided who they want to lead them, without being told who to vote for because they are intelligent and can see what is going around them politically.   Concerned citizen



Dear Editor,

I am one of the many Zambians who are in total support of the revised nomination fees by our Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)

For a long time, Zambia has seen a propagation of small and insignificant political parties which are mere time wasters. They do not add any value to our political passage.

Many of them, I suspect were formed mainly to attract donor funding and they have nothing beyond that. We have seen and heard so much clatter that come with these miniature parties during election time.

After the elections are over they disappear to hibernate for another five years without hearing anything from them.

Are these the kind of parties Zambia need? I do not think so.

So with the hiked nomination fees, these time-wasting and crying babies will have been put in the right place.

The new fees have nothing to do with ‘fixing’’ small parties but it has been done to move Zambia’s political scene to another plane where seriousness is expected for the good of the nation. So like they say that when the going gets tough, it’s the tough that get going, the weak we shall certainly take to the cemetery.

The news fees have also nothing to do with democracy which in fact many of our opposition political leaders hardly practice.

Some of these leaders have been clutching to the leadership for years without holding conventions to choose new leaders. You know who.

Anyhow if  a presidential candidate is able to organize 1,000 supporters and force out of each of them a K100 would that not help with the new nomination fee?. It should do the trick.

This is the battle of the fittest political parties not spectators.

So for me, I see nothing wrong with the new fees and ECZ should not buckle. It should stand its grounds.

Josiah Soko, Salima Road, Matero

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