THE MMD will not demand to be given the presidential running mate if the former ruling party and the Patriotic Front (PF) form an alliance ahead of the August 11 general election, says MMD president Nevers Mumba.

He said the MMD alliance with the PF would be based on mutual understanding and not on the issue of running mate.

Dr Mumba said in Kasama that he would meet President Edgar Lungu to discuss various issues before finally entering into an alliance with the PF.

He, however, said it would be premature to discuss the details of what the MMD will put on the table before meeting President Lungu.

Dr Mumba explained that once he meets President Lungu and the two agree on the alliance, he will then meet the MMD NEC members and explain to them what was on the table and thereafter two committees would be formed to harmonise how the parties will work together. He however emphasised that the national executive committee (NEC) members had resolved to work with PF ahead of the general elections. “It is important to inform  you that all the 53 NEC members are united and no-one will move us from our focused position,” he said.

Dr Mumba said no single political party could win the general elections with a majoritarian vote without seeking alliances.

He said there was no time for the MMD to hold a national convention before the August 11 general elections.

Dr Mumba said he has decided to tour the country to mobilise and consult party members on the way forward before the 2016 elections.

And Mumba says his party will abolish the Public Order Act (POA) once elected into power because it was an archaic piece of legislation coined by colonial masters to fix freedom fighters.

And Dr. Mumba has charged that whichever party will go to this year’s polls in an alliance with the MMD will win because his party had a massive following as its structures had remained intact across the country.

Appearing on Radio Mano in Kasama on Thursday evening, Dr. Mumba said Zambia had a matured democracy which did not need its citizens to be policed by colonial pieces of legislation which defeated the very essence of democracy, peace and unity that the country had held so dearly since independence.

He said it was unfortunate that successive governments starting from UNIP had failed to abolish the POA despite being victims of police brutality owing to its provisions which tampered with their

fundamental rights of assembly and association but promised that once the MMD bounced into government, he will abolish it because it infringed on the rights of Zambians.

“From Kenneth Kaunda to President Edgar Lungu, there is no leader who has thought of abolishing this law despite being victims of its provisions.

We expected Dr. Kaunda to abolish the law especially that he and other freedom fighters suffered at the hands of our colonial masters, but he didn’t.

“After assuming power, he saw the POA as a tool that he could use to protect himself against his opponents and all other leaders that followed him did the same.

He accused the police of not understanding the provisions of the POA and only executed their duties according to instructions received from the high command and reiterated that there was no need to repeal it but abolish it completely.

“The POA is illegal and if we come back into power the first thing I will do is to abolish it completely because Zambians need to be free.

This is a piece of legislature which was made by our colonial masters in order to restrict our freedom fighters from having meetings and advancing their agenda of liberating Zambia and since Zambia has a matured democracy, we do not need such pieces of legislation.

“People do not understand the POA and you will realise that even the police that are enforcing it have not even read it.

They just enforce it according to instructions they receive from Lusaka but we must realise that Zambians are free and that is why we don’t need this law,” Dr. Mumba said.

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