THE increased levels of noise pollution in some parts of Lusaka suburbs has become a source of concern among residents, who are now calling on the local authority to act.

They charged that some sports clubs and shopping centres have been awash with noisy activities.

Jonas Mwewa of Woodlands said a wedding venue and sports club close to his home had become ‘‘serious points of irritation’’.

“Sometimes I am forced to leave home to escape the non-stop noise coming from these places of entertainment; we are terribly disturbed. Something should be done to stop it. Every day there is a function taking place and the noise is awful,” he said.

Mr. Mwewa called on Lusaka City Council to take action to quell noise coming from such places.

Meanwhile, a resident of Chilenje Mercy Lumbwe observed that most of the sports clubs were being used as entertainment centres and not what they were formed for.

She said sport clubs should stick to their core duties of providing sporting activities rather than becoming entertainment hubs. ”It’s like most sports centres have now become places for functions rather than sports. I think sports clubs must stick to their core duties,” she said.

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