CALL-BOYS are up in arms against the police for having evicted them from the Simoson business centre in Lusaka following a court order after the owners claimed the youths had turned the area into a den of thieves.

The calls-boys accused Simoson business community of being sponsored by former deputy Commerce minister and Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa who resigned from the ruling PF recently.

But Simoson building director (administration) Chitambala Mwewa said the business community was relieved that the call-boys, whom he described as thugs, were removed from the area and thanked the law enforcers for having responded to the concerns of the public.

Mr Mwewa thanked the police for having removed the youths from the piece of land which they had illegally occupied and that he would take measures to protect the public who faced harassment at the hands of thugs.

He said criminals were hiding in the name of party cadres and that now that the law enforcement officers had taken over the place he was sure that the situation would be back to normal.

And the police manning the premises have warned the disgruntled calls-boys not to use force as they risked being arrested.

There was jubilation at Simoson business centre on Wednesday after a team of paramilitary police swung into action to remove the call-boys who were harassing and robbibg members of the public at the shopping complex.

Traders at Simoson business centre had many times complained about the behaviour of the call-boys who had turned the area into a criminal den.

Mr Mwewa said he would not hesitate to fence the area as a measure to protect the wellbeing of members of the public.

“We really want to thank the Police Command for having responded promptly to our concerns and we will make sure we work with them to curb criminality in the area.

‘‘We are now fencing our parking area to protect the property of our people here and this is the way it is supposed to be,” he said.

Mr Mwewa explained that a number of people had been swindled in daylight by thugs who would not be answerable to anyone.

“So we are now in the process of fencing the car park so that it is secure and safe for customers after this battle.

“Never did a day pass without receiving threats and insults from the thugs and innocent citizens were robbed and harassed, and motorists having their cars smashed if they did not pay homage to these people,” he said.

He said the Simon Mwewa Lane at Simoson area had been turned into a bus station which had attracted criminality and daylight robberies, adding that the police should be greatly commended for removing the thugs. The business community was using the piece of land between Simon Mwewa Lane and Lumumba Road as a parking area for customers.

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  1. Mich says:

    Some piece of sanity in our capital city. If only the same could be applied to other places in the city. Cairo road vending in front of shops, for example.


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