RESIDENTS of Ng’ombe, John Laing and Chaisa have called on the Lusaka City Council to explain to them what the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is and how it is supposed to be used to help the people.

The residents have complained that they do not understand how the money popularly referred to as CDF is allocated and how it benefits the people.

They claimed that they do not see development in their areas but are told that there is CDF money somewhere meant for their development.

Mr Jack Kalenga, a resident of Chaisa, said that the area is not seeing any development and the residents do not know how the CDF money is used. Mr. Kalenga said that there is no way people can be told that there is money set aside for the development of their areas when they are not seeing the development beind talked about.

He added that councillors in the various constituencies should ensure that they come up with programmes to educate people on the usage of the CDF money.

‘’ We as residents need to know the use of this money. We hear our leaders talking about CDF but we are not seeing anything positive happening in our areas.

‘‘We do not see any form of development, maybe the Government has forgotten about the constituencies but our local leaders should ensure that they educate the people on the famous CDF so that we know how it is used,’’ said Mr. Kalenga.

A resident of Ng’ombe Alinani Mbewe said that CDF is money meant for the people and as such every resident of a particular ward should be given information on how the money is spent especially when the people are not seeing any development in their areas.

Ms. Mbewe said that it is not the responsibility of the residents to start developing their areas but it is the responsibility of the leaders.

She said that councillors and Members of Parliament should not only remember their wards when they start campaigning for elections but after the elections they forget about the people who voted for them.

‘’They make false promises to us and it is not fair that they only remember us when it is election time. Every time they say CDF we as residents and not understand, some of us think it is the money meant for councillors and MPs because we have no idea how this money is used or what it is for and it is their responsibility as our leaders to ensure that they put us in line so we know what happens with the CDF money,’’  Ms Mbewe said.

Gloria Chisalu of John Laing said that the area has not had any development despite hearing people talk about the CDF money meant for the development of the area.

Ms. Chisalu said that there is no way the councilors and the MPs would be talking about CDF when the people do not understand how it is used.

‘’We would like the councillors to come and tell us as residents of John Liang why our area has had no development when we see other areas being developed on a daily basis’’, she said.

Kamwala Ward 5 councillor Joyce Banda said CDF is money given to different constituencies by Government and is not meant to go into the pockets of councillors or MPs.

Ms. Banda says CDF money is meant for developmental projects in local areas and not for one individual or a particular group of people.


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