LEADER of National Revolutionary Party (NRP) Cosmo Mumba has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to reverse the hiked nomination fees or face legal action.

Dr Mumba issued the warning in Lusaka yesterday saying his party had no doubt but to deduce that ECZ was slowly perverting from promoting the democratic tenets.

“ECZ must call for an emergency meeting with stakeholders failure to which the NRP may take legal  action against ECZ which he said will be costly in terms of  time and may also breach the constitution” said Dr Mumba.

Dr Mumba said the hiked nomination fees were prohibitive as most of the political parties would be barred from contesting the elections.

He said that would be a democratic breach on an individual or a political right to contest an election without oppressive measures.

“We have observed that the increased nomination fees are not even reflective in the national constitution and is an assault on all-inclusiveness which is the spirit of multipartism” he said.

Dr Mumba asked what economic turmoil ECZ facing to embark on that merciless fundraising venture.

The NRP leader appealed to the commission to consider reversing the nomination fee to allow many political parties to participate freely and fairly in the August 11 elections.

Mr Mumba further said that the commission should be aware of the fact that political parties had numerous financial responsibilities, hence the need for the commission to immediately reverse the nomination fees.

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