The ugly face of political desperation is rearing its ugly face in our liberal democracy threatening to harass, intimidate and at worst mislead the polity into a regimented and uninformed march towards electing a surrogate government which they will control as they have done before.

If the headlines were not asinine enough, it is such bizarre and ludicrous suggestions that President Lungu was courting evil with the desire of “killing” all citizens which must show the depth of depravity to which some of our nationals will sink to win power.

Coming from supposedly learned men as Dr. Musumali of the Rainbow party such statements can only be attributed to the blind and desperate desire for power.  Their strategy is very simple and often limited to attacking individuals without addressing issues of substance.

The strategy worked once and it is their vain hope that it will work again.

If President Michael Sata got into power by accusing the Chinese of all manner of calumny, Miles Sampa believes that mantra will also work for him.

Our vain opposition political leaders with answers to all social, economic and political problems and desperate media moguls who truly believe that they hold sway over the national psyche, believe that all citizens, or at least a gullible majority, will once again fall to their charm and elect a government of their choice.

Predictably vacuous moral posturing has degenerated to a new level where truth and fact are victims of aggressive propaganda with the media playing a central role in the scheme of disinformation.

Media bodies that should provide counsel and guidance have become compromised with the most prominent, the Press Association of Zambia, being directly funded by the Post Newspaper.

This is unacceptable.

In the frenzy of political desperation that is emerging as elections draw near, media bodies such as PAZA must remain neutral, focused and above all untainted by the   political inclination of sponsors and donors.

It is a known fact that the cartel is determined to sponsor and support any political party or alliance that will offer it relief from the burden of criminal cases and huge debt overhang from tax and other obligations.

It is also a known fact that some alliances have already capitulated and have sold their souls to the cartel. The most unlikely of political groupings have come together for the sole purpose of ensuring regime change and will in this regard utilize every conceivable strategy to achieve this goal.

The most immediate is the use of media to peddle falsehoods, calumny and outright hate speech and innuendo to promote their goal.

It is against this background that professional organizations must take the moral high ground and provide leadership, counsel and support to practitioners to adhere to media ethics.

It is sad that these lofty ideals have been sacrificed at the altar of political and financial expedience.


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  1. Charles Ngoma says:

    Dear Zambia Daily Nation editor,
    You write well. Unfortunately, the majority of the Zambian people who vote will not be able to understand what you are saying. Try to be as simple and as plain as possible so that the common man can understand. You are appealing to intellectuals but that is the wrong audience which will see through all the lies. Address the masses.


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