PARAMOUNT Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people of Northern and Muchinga provinces says there is nothing wrong with MMD and PF entering into an alliance as long the leaders of the two parties consulted their membership to prevent unnecessarily confusion if the two formed government.

The Mwinelubemba said this yesterday when MMD leader Nevers Mumba paid a courtesy call on him during his tour of Northern Province.

The traditional leader said a coalition government was eminent following the amended constitution’s provision that the president-elect would only be declared winner through a 50 percent plus 1 majority vote.

He said a coalition government between the Africa National Congress (ANC) and the United Independence Party (UNIP) was effective because the two parties had a collective mutual understanding which continued even after they formed government because they were sincere.

He said issues of coalition governments were delicate and needed level-headedness in arriving at the agreements to avoid plunging the leadership of the country in an event that the other party felt maligned.

He said there was need for the PF and MMD to sit down with their members and spell out their expectations without pretending that all was well adding that the decision should not be left to the leaders only so that the alliance did not crumble.

“These are delicate things, which need level-headedness for the good of the country. These talks are coming at a very delicate time in a delicate situation where the country is going to the polls because they hinge on the peace of the country. Each party must realise that it has to give away for the alliance to work.

“Going into an alliance with doubts is not ok because you may have problems especially when the two of you form a coalition government. We are human and there are certain things which we can overlook but there should be major issues which should be settled down. Negotiate well,” Chief Chitimukulu said.

He said Zambia would once again be tested on how the country would respond to a coalition government in a long time and said the ANC-UNIP alliance provided an example of what individual parties needed to do in a coalition government. “This is the first time we will have a coalition government and we expect you to succeed but that will depend on the way you negotiate. Maturity is needed and we hope you will agree to share as

partners. Strictly say what you want to achieve without reservation because if you leave out certain things, you will have problems. Be honest,” he said.

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