PF too hot for opportunists


At this time we will see the true PF members because we have seen all the opportunists running away from PF and those were just people who benefited from PF while PF got nothing from them. So I do not see any loss to the PF. All those who are leaving PF were just rejects of the party.



 Govt should support UTH


The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) handles a variety of cases from all corners of Zambia hence Government should sacrifice in order to improve its standards and services. It should do so by providing the needed equipment and drugs.

 Morgan Bwalya Mulenga, Lusaka


 High nomination fees will keep poor candidates out


It is now evident that elections will be for the rich following the recent announcement of presidential, parliamentary and local government nomination fees.

Concerned Zambian


Cage unruly minibus  drivers


Minibus drivers are unruly. They do not want to be controlled when they are over-speeding. They overtake at wrong places and play loud music. They are the most nuisance and careless drivers we have around.

Concerned passenger


 Mr Wright Musoma on  students’ riots


Can Mr. Wright Musoma tell us who is to blame between the Government and students over the riots that occurred recently? Mr Miles Sampa was right about what he said. He didn’t support the students but he was trying to show the Government that  for the students to resort to rioting it means the Government didn’t listen to their cries. The only solution is to meet the demands of the students, pay them; don’t boast about the premature closure of these institutions.

B-man, Kabwe


Rampant corruption at police road blocks


Maybe the Police Command explain to the public if it’s appropriate for traffic police officers to set up check points anywhere they feel like. I am sure these officers are from Woodlands Police Station that has the audacity to set up a road block in a VIP road like Independence Avenue and at times Kabulonga roundabout. We the general public would like to know if this is in order. We believe the check point is supposed to be visible not an ambush. Corruption is so rampant at these check points. Please save us from these money hungry cops.

 Lusaka resident


  Police should probe cause of riots at CBU, UNZA


I would like to urge the Minister of Higher Education to send forensic auditors to the two universities in order to establish which student is vulnerable. The vulnerable students were left out because of corruption and ended up giving bursaries to misfits whose parents can afford to pay for their education. This is a very serious matter.  I would urge the minister to also involve the secret services to investigate this matter.

Andy Lungu, Kafue


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