Lungu’s meeting with the pope a blessing

Dear Editor

The meeting between the Pope and President Lungu will go down in the annals of history as an important stage in the life of the Catholic Church in Zambia.

It is a statement for the local Christian church to close ranks and work together to create here on earth the gospel values that the entire Christianity stands for.

There is no doubt that the Pope is fully aware of the tensions  that the Catholic Church is causing in Zambia by remaining aloof and insular to  inter denominational and ecumenical projects.

The Pope wants to rise above such petty differences by creating an environment of dialogue, cooperation and fraternity among likeminded people who believe in the same values.

There is only one church and many flavours of the same. This is the point Pope Francis has been making in all his journeys including meetings with the Vatican.

This effort is paying off. For the first time in 400years a protestant will hold a service in a Catholic church in the United Kingdom.

This is the place the Pope wants the church to be in and not in the confrontational and angry church that snarls at all other eligions.


Political fugitives invade UPND

Dear Editor

Dr Cosmas Musumali and many other disgruntled elements are perfectly at liberty to join UPND which has suddenly become a sweet destination to outsiders running away from their misdemeanours.

From your language it is clear to me that you are carrying tonnes and tonnes of hatred against President Lungu.

Surely what great indiscretions has President Lungu committed for you to call him weak and evil? Imagine someone else calling you that, what would you feel even assuming that you had made a mistake? We all have two sides and that includes you, Dr Musumali.

Oh, do not just insult innocent people when there is UPND for you where you can try your luck.

I am beginning to suspect that the Post must be paying all those who have flexed their small muscles against President Lungu and his Government because the comments some of these people make are pure inanity, to say the least.

Some of these insultants are fathers and mothers and come from decent families but have chosen to sink that low to resort to insulting innocent people.

However, I wish to caution UPND not to allow in every Jim and Jack in its ranks just because its leader HH is desperate to enter State House.

Some of them do not mean well and their sole purpose for joining UPND is to frustrate the founders of that party.

Just wait for August 11 when some of you will eat your own words and look for mountains to climb. This is a possibility.


Jay Kabemba


President Lungu turns

out to be a trendsetter Dear Editor,

The political stage is slowly but steadily becoming a comedy show for some failed politicians.

One such character is Hakainde Hichilema of UPND. With Dutch confidence HH breathes every time he is interviewed by his friends at Muvi TV and Hot FM radio, one would conclude that he was winning this year’s elections.

But when you follow his activities carefully, you will realise that the man is dead scared of losing these elections, even his friends at Muvi TV and Hot FM are alive to this fact. They are all aware that President Edgar Lungu will bounce back into State House after the August 11 elections.

Winning elections at the back of national failure does not help in anyway.

It is sad that in Zambia those who are educated always want to cheat the people out of their resources by sticking to influential positions throughout their lives.

Going forward, Zambians will not allow themselves to be cheated by sweet talkers such as HH, Miles Sampa, Wynter Kabimba and Bob Sichinga.

Zambians have realised that there are still some people who talk less but act much and President Lungu is one President who has raised the political bar in Zambia.

He has set a trend that politicians should be humble for they are servants and not masters of the people.

He has set a trend that politicians should work at fulfilling their campaign promises and not feathering their nests.

President Lungu has also set the trend that Zambians must come first behind self, and that politicians should always seek the face of God in all their dealings.

It is shameful for politicians like Bob Sichinga to come and tell us that UPND is a credible party when he repeatedly denounced it as a tribal organisation,; where is integrity?

Bob Sichinga sang about industrial clusters but nothing tangible came out and again he was tried in the Ministry of Agriculture, the man failed the farmers.

It was at that point that people nicknamed PF ‘paya farmer’ and today he can have the guts to say PF has failed when his successors Given Lubinda and Margaret Mwanakatwe have both excelled in their ministries.

Anyway, we will see who is more intelligent between Zambians and these bogus politicians who have regrouped in UPND hoping that they can help HH to cheat his way to State House.

Majority Zambians have gained confidence and trust in the leadership of the chosen one Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

See you at the inauguration ceremony of our beloved president after the 11 August, 2016 elections.

Enock Chulu,


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