MALFUNCTIONING traffic lights at the junction of Lumumba and Mumbwa roads have raised a lot of concern among motorists who say the area was becoming unsafe for both motorists and pedestrians.

They said the traffic lights had been down for over two months.

Mr John Matibenga a motorist observed that the situation at the junction of the two roads posed a danger to users.

He charged that having traffic officers to control the traffic was not enough precaution to prevent accidents, as they were not there most of the time.

“The traffic lights haven’t been operational for over two months, which is very unsafe for us motorists and the pedestrians because it’s increasing the chances of accidents, there is no control.

“The traffic officers are not always there to control traffic there, those lights are helpful especially on that busy spot,” Mr. Matibenga said.

Mr Kezias Mwanza said it was shocking that the council had  an engineering department with engineers  who could take up to two months to fix traffic lights.

“Engineers in Zambia in general have been a big disappointment because they contribute nothing to the wellbeing of the nation,” said Mr Mwanza

Another motorist, Mwikisa Mukoshi, appealed to relevant authorities to address the situation as soon as possible.

Mr. Mukoshi feared that many lives would be lost if nothing was done quickly.

“The relevant authority should look into this as soon as possible because many lives will be lost over what appears to be a small issue.

“Just a few days ago an accident almost occurred at the same junction. I wonder what is difficult in fixing simple traffic lights or paying a police officer to sort out the traffic during rush hours,” he said.

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