NAMULAMBE was helped by PF to become MP, without PF he would not be what he is now; so if he says we should go kneeling to him then we are saying let us meet in the battlefield and see who is stronger, ‘’ says Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt chairman Steven Kainga.

Reacting to the recent decision of Mpongwe Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe to join the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), Mr Kainga said that the parliamentarian had for some time de-campaigned the ruling PF.

He said Mr Namulambe was not a ‘‘deciding factor in Lambaland’’ and that the PF was not in any way intimidated by his departure.

‘’Honourable Namulambe is not Lambaland, for him to be called ‘honorable’ today it is because of the PF; we helped him to become who he is now. Namulambe is not a factor which should worry us, ‘’ Mr Kainga said.

The chairman said the Mpongwe MP had once asked for water at a function in Ndola Rural to demonstrate that he had washed his hands of the PF but the ruling party had continued to prosper.

He added that he campaigned against Masaiti MP Michael Katambo but the party still defeated the opposition UPND in the by-election.

‘’Namulambe at one point asked for water at one of the functions ….saying ‘I have washed my hands off the PF’ but ever since that time we have been watching and we have been winning; he was one person who was de-campaigning honorable Katambo in Masaiti , but we walloped them.

‘‘So if he thinks he will win these coming elections in UPND, let him do what he thinks is right; we will meet him in the field,‘’ he said.

Mr Kainga said it was ‘‘total daydreaming’’ for the UPND to claim that they had gained ground in the Copperbelt Province.

He said the information from the UPND Copperbelt chairman Elisha Matambo that a lot of PF members had defected to the opposition party was false.

‘’To claim that the UPND is gaining ground in the Copperbelt is daydreaming; recently we have won elections there including the by-elections in Masaiti and other places in the Copperbelt. So if one can say they are gaining ground how are they determining that? For us we can say we have won this and that but for them how will they convince the people? ‘’

He said UPND gaining ground  on the Copperbelt was a non-starter as the region was a PF ‘‘bedroom’’.

He added that the party structures in the province were intact and the PF had continued to gain strength.

‘’So the issue of gaining ground in Copperbelt is a non-starter for the UPND because Copperbelt is the bedroom for PF; so we are still firm and all of our structures in the province are ok, no one has defected to the UPND.

‘‘Let him show us evidence. We are commanding, the other time we were in Mufulira we received 300 supporters. It’s only that the rally didn’t take place because we would have shown him what we mean and what we are doing in the Copperbelt,’’ Mr Kainga said.

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One Response to “NAMULAMBE IS NO FACTOR IN NDOLA RURAL -PF By Nation Reporter”

  1. The black woman not pink says:

    Let him go….he is no factor. Let him also explain the bicycles he was found with after 2011 PF victory.


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