THOSE jostling for adoption as presidential running mates in PF will destabilize the party if treated with kid gloves and the party should ensure that all unnecessary campaign manoeuvres by members are stopped, ZRP president Wright Musoma has charged.

Mr. Musoma said the PF was a formidable party which had marketed itself very well among the electorate and that it needed to go into this year’s polls as a united front if it wanted to win the election without going for a re-run.

He however said that the party needed to be careful with some individuals who were scheming to be adopted by President Edgar Lungu as running mates as they had the potential to create problems in the party in an event that they were not adopted.

He said the PF needed to weed out people who had allegiances to other parties but wanted to use the running mate issue as an excuse for causing agitation in the party.

“There are a lot of people in PF who are holding to their positions but meanwhile they have other intentions and seats in the opposition. Our advice is that the PF government are better off without theses traitors than to have them or else they will put the party in trouble.

“The best PF should do, since they are still a formidable party which has marketed itself through its work, is to weed out those traitors because they do not need to wait until things get to the worst before they act.

‘‘PF is better off without them but by entertaining them thinking that they will change is a sheer waste of time because they are snakes and will keep on bringing the party backwards,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said since the party’s position was that no one should campaign, and that the President would choose his running mate, those who were campaigning for adoption in the background should be stopped because they were destroying the party.

He said this year’s tripartite election will be tough and that the PF could not afford to create unnecessary agitation in the party but focus on mobilisation and recruitment of more members.

He said the PF was not doing enough to prepare for this year’s election, adding that NRP, a party which Mr Musoma claims has always been an ally of the ruling party, was worried with the turn of events in the PF with regard to its preparedness for the election.

“This year’s elections are very tricky. While the opposition are mobilising and recruiting more people to win the elections, the PF is not doing anything and are leaving everything to President Edgar Lungu simply because he asked to be in an alliance with MMD. To make things worse, MMD is rocked by confusion and so you can’t rely on that party.

“The PF has done almost zero when other political parties are forming alliances. We are scared with the way they are taking these elections because if they are thinking that they will have an outright victory, then they are mistaken.

‘‘The 50 percent plus 1 majority vote clause puts all parties in an awkward situation. It is time to weed out the traitors and form a formidable group otherwise they are shooting themselves in the foot,” he said.

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