BOB Sichinga should tell the nation if tribalism has now ended in the United Party for National Development (UPND) for him to re-join since he left after the party decided that only a Tonga should succeed late Anderson Mazoka, Sinazongwe UPND Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene has charged.

And Mr. Siamunene has urged Zambians not to make the mistake of voting any opposition political party into government because they have nothing to offer but will only take the country backwards.

He said Mr. Sichinga was among the senior members of the UPND who were not given the chance to lead the party because some greedy politicians allegedly hijacked the party after the demise of Mr. Mazoka.

Mr Siamunene said Mr. Sichinga should also tell the nation what prompted him to go back to UPND when he had cited tribalism as the reason he ditched the party.

He said Mr. Sichinga was the one that advised him to leave the UPND and join the PF in order that they could together work towards improving the lives of the Zambians but wondered why he had gone back to the party he demonised not long ago.

“He was already in UPND and the reason why he came out was that Hakainde came into the party and took over the leadership of UPND after the death of Mr. Mazoka and he thought it was not in order for an outsider to take over the party leadership and therefore he came out. He is actually the one who convinced me to join PF.

“I have nothing against him, he has achieved a lot of things; he is a good man but we are wondering how he could return to the party he condemned as being tribal at that time because he thought it was not right. We want to find out from him whether tribalism has ended in UPND and whether the character of Mr. Hichilema has changed,” Mr. Siamunene said.

He said only posterity will judge Mr. Sichinga if he would add value to the UPND adding that he (Mr. Siamunene) would remain with the PF because it was the only party that never thrived on tribalism but had a national character which accommodated all people regardless of the region they came from.

“If he will add any value to the UPND, only time will tell. He was in there before and he told us the reasons why he left and now let him tell us also why he has decided to go back and which things have changed from what he told us when he was leaving.

“Am supporting PF and the current president because I have seen that in PF anyone can be whatever he wants to be regardless of their tribe or where they came from. When Michael Sata died, somebody else that people never expected came and became the leader of the party and that tells me that in PF there is real democracy where any person from any region can head the party.

“In all fairness, I think PF itself depicts a national character which no other single party can be compared to; it tops all because it has demonstrated that it can change leadership from one region to the other and that is what makes it a national party,” he said.

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