Opposition UPND has been accused of planting moles in both MMD and PF to cause confusion that will weaken their alliance.

“They want to cause as much confusion as possible and in the process destabilise the two parties to virtual standstill and disorientation, a position from which the UPND will benefit,” a senior PF official has revealed.

“All these breakaways and internal turmoil are fully sponsored for the basic aim of causing confusion because the two parties, if united, will present a very formidable front to topple,” he said.

Meanwhile MMD Lunte member of Parliament Felix Mutati has been accused of being the chief driver of the recent  incessant calls for the former ruling party’s convention to allegedly oust party president Nevers Mumba so that the MMD can forge links with the opposition UPND  before the August 2016  general elections,  national treasurer Elizabeth Chitika has charged.

The call for a convention, she said, was a ruse for the real reason of intending to change the direction of the party.

But when contacted for a comment, Mr. Mutati said he was unable to comment as he was chairing a meeting.

“Right now I can’t comment because I am in a meeting, but I will get back to you as soon as am done,” Mr Mutati said.

Meanwhile, two rival groups of MMD cadres yesterday clashed at the party secretariat in Lusaka, smashing party property and windows of a bus used to ferry cadres to the party offices.

Ms. Chitika said it was disgracing that Mr. Mutati was one of the people appearing on the official United Party for National Development (UPND) calendar headed “2016 UPND new team for 2016 for all Zambians.

“It’s so disgraceful that Mr. Mutati is featuring on a 2016 UPND calendar that shows pictures of various individuals including UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his wife, a picture of late UPND founding president Anderson Mazoka United Liberal Party (ULP) president Mr. Sakwiba Sikota and others which was unearthed in Lufwanyama during the party mobilization tour late last year,” she said.

Ms. Chitika further challenged Mr. Mutati to stop being two-faced and come out in the open and tell the people which party he belonged to.

“He should stop being duplicitous and tell the people the truth as to where he belongs,” she said. The clash at the MMD party secretariat  happened when cadres led by the expelled MMD provincial chairman Watson Mtonga and youth chairman Mande Malambo trooped to the secretariat with the intention of presenting a petition to demand for the holding of an MMD convention only to be confronted by Dr Nevers Mumba’s cadres stationed at the party secretariat.

The two groups threw stones at each other at the party secretariat in Kabulonga, forcing motorists to use alternative routes. Several senior MMD officials including deputy national secretary Winnie Zaloumis locked themselves inside the building as stones rained on the roof and broke windows.

The British High Commissioner to Zambia, Mr James Thornton, who was trying to use the road passing near the MMD secretariat, watched in disbelief as the cadres fought running battles after his car was blocked from passing in front of the secretariat.  The high commissioner was forced to make a U-turn.

The cadres smashed all the windows in front of the secretariat building and damaged the deputy national secretary’s car.

It took about one hour before riot police from Woodlands and Kabwata stations arrived on the scene and fired teargas canisters to disperse the combatants.

The police managed to apprehend one cadre suspected to have been the one who broke windows of the bus.

MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba described the cadres who stormed the secretariat as criminals.

Dr Mumba accused some of his senior party leaders of having sponsored the mayhem at his party offices.

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