Andrew Banda and his tantrums

Dear Editor,

For the first time Andrew Banda, son of former republican president Rupiah Banda has said something compos mentis.

I will right away concur with him when he says President Edgar Lungu’s integrity could not be compared to that of opposition leaders.

He is factual. Most of our opposition leaders do not even have an iota of integrity to write home about.

Most of them have typically become cheap insultants of President Lungu and his Government.

But ba Andrew can you today accuse President Lungu of having unpresidential language? How do you classify yours and those who you support?

For example how can a sane citizen of Zambia call his president “JAMESON” and did that cheer you Andrew?

Remember what Jesus said about pointing a log in your friend’s eye when you in fact have an entire forest in yours.

Andrew please Mr Lungu is your President and you cannot set his agenda as who he should see first or last.

So your questioning as to why President Lungu went to see the Pope first before engaging Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu of Lusaka is neither here nor there. Smell more of petty jealous.

And it is from this inoperable envy that many of you have developed this detestation for President Lungu.

I know that you are not happy because it took President Lungu about two weeks to be State House while some of them have been marking time for decades. I know that really pains.

I am also mindful that some of those insulting President Lungu today will never make it to State House in their entire lives because they are cheap leaders.

As for President losing respect from the malcontents like, it won’t be a surprise because even Jesus said a priest has no respect in his own district. It is normal Andrew, so don’t lose your sleep over it.

Jay Kabemba, LUSAKA

Grade 12 clause stays

Dear Editor,

I am one of those who support the Grade 12 clause in our amended Constitution.

The reason is simple. I think that it is time that Zambia moved away from inferiority to superiority.

We need quality services which can only come about if people achieve the basic education qualification.

In leadership this is even more crucial. A Grade 12 is an individual who is classed as semi- skilled individual.

This means this person can be moulded into anything from an engineer, doctor, pilot and you name it. Grade 12 is the foundation for any serious development of the nation.

Even admitting that quality is a perceptual, conditional, and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people it cannot be compromised.

Surely, how we have people in Parliament who cannot understand and interpret fundamental issues to champion economic development.

We have seen in the past some MPs have remained mute in the House because of not following issues intelligently due to poor educational background.

Let all those who are against this clause know that education has a lot of social benefits for individuals and society at large.

It does not end at that. Education also provides social benefits for individuals and the nation, including a better way of looking after ourselves, and subsequently creating a superior society to live in.  So let it be known to those who still want to be led by Grade 7s that the era and time is now gone. Zambia has to move forward and can do so with a nation full of literates. In fact in the near future we should opt to put into office individuals with first degrees, and later, those with Masters, PHD etc etc. That is the only way forward.  Miles Sichela,KABWE


Resign if you dont like PF

Dear Editor

I feel it is time that the PF leadership asks those who are not with the ruling party to quit and leave room for those willing to work for the people of Zambia.

There are those who are forming tribal empires just to satisfy their political lust. They are a big disgrace!

These are the kind of people who have vowed to bring down PF no matter what it takes for their personal gain.

But it does not always work like that. Where you think you are weakening the party, you will be surprised how strong it may emerge. That is life. Don’t they say that even bad times are good times?

Those who take everything for granted will have themselves to blame when things work against them.

My appeal is to all opposition leaders not to be over-confident and postulate that PF is lifeless. You will just get a big shockwave of your life.

For instance, you will be surprised to learn the gap left by people like Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) or Miles Sampa has been well filled up by others keen to take the party to greater heights.

So until the last vote is counted it is important for them to reduce on hot air and prattle. Josiah Soko, Salima Road, Matero

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