Zambians have to be afraid. Very afraid.

The forces ranged against them are formidable as they include massive propaganda and financial muscle that will exercise brute unrelenting and malicious force to ascend and seize power.

The choices themselves have never been more stark. On one hand are the Zambian people wishing to exercise their fundamental and unfettered democratic right as enshrined in the franchise, but on the other hand are the group supported by the cartel, which means business.

The Cartel has everything to lose if the current regime goes beyond 2016.  All it needs to prove the point is the examination of the recent Supreme Court ruling which has clearly opened the proverbial can of worms to the plunder of resources that took place during the bogus anti-corruption campaign conducted under late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa.

The cartel will side with anybody and with any group that throws a lifeline against its apparent exposure and subsequent prosecution for abuse of state power and authority.

This is the greatest fear that will drive it into unprincipled alliances that will open a window for a return to power.

And let there be no mistake, any alliance with the Cartel will be at a cost, and a severe cost at that.  This was discovered belatedly and painfully by third Republican President Levy Mwanawasa who lamented ever joining hands with the cartel, which called him a fool, arrogant and all manner of vituperative when he dared question the direction of the corruption campaign.

Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda reaped a whirlwind when he questioned and sought judicial intervention to abuse, massive abuse of resources.

This is a campaign that President Edgar Lungu has sustained and for which he has attracted the ire of the cartel.

The vile propaganda is indicative of the ferocity with which he will be fought and it is up to the Zambian people to see the propaganda for the truth and reality of the current situation.

While the cartel is afraid of continuity, Zambians must be afraid of change because any government sponsored by the cartel will not only be vicious but will seek to subvert the law in order to protect itself from the various criminal acts for which the law is slowly but steadily catching up.

The propaganda will be fierce, violent and often downright demeaning.  The intention is to demoralize and rob the people of their rightful role to determine national leadership.

Our nascent democracy should not tolerate arrogance perpetuated by social misfits who openly display narcistic tendancies that puts them at the centre of national life and politics.  They should occupy the fringes to which society has confined them and those who collaborate with them must suffer the same rejection, ridicule and indignant protestation.

The going will be tough and requires men and women of courage to withstand the vicious psychological, financial and material war that will be unleashed in the next six months.

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