THE use of traditional medicine by women to charm their husbands is unbecoming and should be condemned by Zambians and men in particular, because it is day light witchcraft.

The men have said that it was wrong for a human being to be so desperate as to use medicine just to get the love and affection of another person.

Mr Derrick Sinkala said women who used love portions to ‘tame’ their husbands should be brought to book and dealt with by the law.

Mr Sinkala said that it was wrong for women to use charms on men because the men have their own choices to make and if they decided not to be with a particular person so be it.

He also said that using medicines or charms to make someone fall in love with the other was a sign of desperation.

Mr Sinkala said all the women should understand that they were valuable and each one of them deserved a man who would love and respect them without the use charms or love portions.

“The women should understand that if a man does not want a woman no matter how much love portions or charm they use a man will still leave them,

“They should learn to value themselves before they can be valued by any person and they should not reduce themselves to using charms just because they want to keep a man by their side, it is not right and it should not be advised especially in a Christian nation like Zambia” said Mr Sinkala.

Mr Sinkala said that women should be prayerful and not engage themselves in the use of charms just to get the attention of men.

Mr Adrian Chewe said that the culture of  using charms or love portions to win men was out dated, uncalled for and it should not be tolerated in Zambia. Mr Chewe said that women should not reduce themselves to the level of pleading for a man and go to the extent of using love portions on them.

He explained that men knew the type of women they wanted and no man would like to live with a woman who depended on charms for the relationship to blossom.

Mr Chewe said that women should learn to accept when a man was no longer interested in them and get on with life instead of resorting to charms and love portions.

But some women defended their actions which they blamed on unfaithfulness by men which led into resorting to use of love portions.

-Millennium Radio 90.5FM

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