New nomination fees to eliminate jokers


I would like to comment on the new nomination fees as announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. These fees have both advantages and disadvantages. The immediate merit of these fees is that political comedians will surely be flushed out. We all know those who will be booted out of the race. We want serious politicians not jokers. However, other genuine contenders will be disadvantaged. Let ECZ reduce  a little bit so as to accommodate those who really mean well in the electoral process.



Yes, MMD headed for  extinction


Truly, the concerns raised by ZDDM President Edwin Sakala that MMD faces extinction are true and should not be ignored by all well-meaning members. At the rate MMD is moving towards the general election is worrying and it does not inspire anyone. This party needs serious dialogue. It is very clear that the party is heavily divided. Some MPs are for the idea of merging with PF while a large percentage of them are not in favour of the alliance with the PF. I can foresee that when the parliament will be dissolved, many will seek adoption on the opposition tickets, in this case the UPND. So let MMD sit down and resolve their differences. We want a vibrant opposition in this country.

Concerned Zambian


Sort out bad nuts at UNZA, CBU


It is very unfair to the majority of students at CBU and UNZA who are peaceful and serious with their education to be victims of circumstances-the closure of these two institutions. The fact is the unruly and riotous behaviour is perpetuated by few students and they are so militant that they subdue the majority. Now government through the intelligence system should identify trouble makers and punish only those rather than punishing all the students. It is high time government changed way of doing things.

D.M Bwalya ,Ndola


Defectors from PF are rejected elements


All this time, we shall see the true PF guys because we have all seen the opportunists running away from the party and those are people who benefited from PF while the party benefited nothing from them. So, I do not see any loss to PF  because these who are leaving are all rejected elements in the party.

Concerned Patriotic Member


 Economic development should also take care of poverty


I always get shocked when government officials say, PF has done tremendous work in the infrastructure development. In real development language, economic prosperity is not only measured by how may roads, bridges or universities you have built, it cut across many social indicators. If there is no reduction in poverty levels in the country, you can’t say the nation is developing. There should be a direct link between infrastructural development and poverty reduction.  Let’s not just boast about projects we have built. Look at the big picture of poverty reduction. Mind you, not all many Zambians understand such languages of infrastructure development. To them what matters most is putting food on their table.

Mainza M, Chilanga


 Chipimo okay to join tribal Orange Alliance


The remarks made by Charles Mbale in the Daily Nation of February 7, 2016 that Elias Chipimo should just join PF are laughable. As a member of Orange Alliance, I am in full support of Chipimo’s decision to come together with Eric Chanda and Miles Sampa. There is nothing to talk about PF which has side-lined many founder members in preference to old members whom we voted out in 2011.Supporting PF at this time is like endorsing mediocrity and violence. We felt uneasy as old members. The moment you tried to talk, you are harassed by your own people. Remember every vote counts. We shall see in August 11, 2016.

Orange Alliance Member


 Kabimba apology is folly


Kabimba  should read this one. I always quote one renowned American poet and musician Bob Dylan who once said the worst criminal is about one who knows that what he is doing is wrong but continues doing it. Your repentance is folly because the  time you saw people protesting against you, that would have been the time you  repented by calling a for a press conference where you would have apologized. However, as a good citizen I will take your repentance with a pinch of salt, only the gullible may totally believe you like those who gave you the  platform to read their communiqué –  and that will cost them votes this I can assure them. As the PF losing? Wait until the race is over but keep your promise. People will come to claim their prizes.

 Micky, Lusaka

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