KAZANGA Cultural Association is scouting for more than K250, 000 to hold the Kazanga ceremony of the Nkoya speaking people of Kaoma in Western Province this year.

Association national chairperson Lytone Kaushiku said preparations for the annual event had started.

Mr Kaushiku said the association has come up with an executive spearheading the preparations, and that several meetings were taking place.

Mr Kaushiku said the ceremony was meant to bring people together, and that the traditional ceremony was no longer a localized event but a ceremony which attracted tourists from all over the world.

“We have started the preparations for Kazanga ceremony of the Nkoya people in Kaoma that is usually held in June-July to give ample time for the people to prepare adequately.

This is a national event that is celebrated every year and has attracted tourists to visit our country; that is why we have come up with a committee spearheading all the preparations on time,” he said.

Mr Kaushiku said it was important to support traditional ceremonies to enrich Zambian cultural heritage, and that any form of development should resonate with the cultural developments.

He urged various stakeholders to take the advantage of the traditional ceremonies as platforms to sensitize members of the public about the role they play in society.

Mr Kaushiku said Government was committed to promote traditional ceremonies because they make up a big component of Zambia’s tourism package and also a desired impact on the global tourism landscape.

He said any form of development should embody and resonate with the culture, saying ‘‘culture should be placed at the heart and soul of Africa’s aspiration to develop because it has helped to retain the identity and the centre soul of human adventure’’. He said the people of Zambia still enjoyed the unity of the 72 tribes under the One Zambia, One Nation slogan.

The executive is headed by Mr Kaushiku, his vice chairperson Ngwelela Ntanda, secretary Kalela Kapungu, treasurer Amos Masuku and publicity secretary Justine Kahare among others.



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