“I HAVE already reconciled with former president Rupiah Banda and our reconciliation was not born out of political expediency,” MMD president Nevers Mumba has said.

Dr Mumba said the reconciliation betwen him and former president Banda was not for political reasons but  as people wanting to live in peace and harmony.

He said he was not aware of any challenges between himself and former president Banda but that it would not be politically correct for the two leaders to consider reconciling on the basis of forming an alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Dr Mumba said in an interview yesterday that he had been talking to president Banda and that the call by President Edger Lungu for the two to reconcile came long after the two had buried their past differences.

He said former president Banda and himself (Dr Mumba) had put the differences they had last year behind them and that the two had already forged a new relationship.

Dr Mumba stated that there was no animosity in the communication between president Banda and himself and that Zambians should give him a chance to meet with President Lungu to advance the idea of forming an alliance with the PF.

He said the issue of reconciling with former president Banda should not be attached to the alliance between the MMD and the PF because the two matters were separate from each other.

Dr Mumba said he had come a long way with Mr Banda and there was no way the two could remain repulsive to each other permanently.

“We (Dr Mumba and Mr Banda) are not going to reconcile for political reasons of forming an alliance with the PF but for reasons of living in peace and harmony as people. Our reconciliation is not for the sake of politics but it is heavenly as it is our duty to live in peace and harmony.

‘‘The events of last year have been left behind us. Yesterday is gone and we have a new day.

The communication between me and president Banda has no animosity. We have been communicating and we have been in touch even before President Lungu asked us to reconcile,” Dr Mumba said.

Over the alliance as proposed by President Lungu, Dr Mumba said he needed time to meet with the Head of State to discuss the matter before a decision would be made by the national executive committee of the MMD.

He said it was important for him and President Lungu to meet and discuss the modalities of forming a working alliance following the passing of the amended Constitution which has now included a 50 percent plus 1 vote clause for a winning president.

“Give me and President Lungu time to discuss the proposed alliance. In terms of discussions, we have not yet met to advance the idea of an alliance and when we do meet, we are going to let you know.

‘‘What you should know however is that the issue of an alliance is on its own and reconciliation with president Banda is also on its own,” Dr Mumba said.


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