Please Fred, have respect for President Lungu

Dear Editor,

The referring to President Lungu as “Jameson” in the Post of Saturday really made me sick.

The reality is that whether the Post likes or not, Mr Lungu is their president who deserves respect.

He should not push his luck too far. If he manages to push Mr Lungu into a corner, the President is bound to react and it is M’membe who will the feel heat and live to regret forever.

This can happen because after all he has every reason to hit back at M’membe for all the sins Fred has committed against the people of Zambia through non-payment of taxes.

But I know for certain that Lungu will have the last laugh and while some people will opt to live in trees like monkeys after August 11 because they will scared of their own shadows..

Jay Kabemba


MMD faces extinction

Dear Editor

The sooner some senior MMD officials realize that MMD is not a  personal to holder entity but a mass organization which has been thrown in a state of confusion after losing its corner stone of being a democratic movement, the better.

The party can safely be said to be heading for extinction for as long as all leaders who held the party together over the years remained suspended or even expelled.

It is also clear that the new leadership has failed to hold a serious dialogue to resolve the misunderstandings and excessive use of power by those in top leadership which has left members countrywide like orphans.

From the results of the last elections president Mumba and those in office must realize that most of the MMD members have been forced to support other political parties and even the Patriotic Front which they greatly opposed before because of the serious conflicts of interests in MMD leadership.

The truth which cannot be denied by anybody is that it was not the Patriotic Front members on their own who voted President Edgar Changwa Lungu into power but a cross section of society who put aside partisan interests to vote for him because of his inspiring personality and rare leadership qualities.

President Lungu has lived to the expectation of the people of Zambia and it is for this that, every God fearing Zambian and indeed other nationalist and patriotic political parties including MMD members will again vote for him whether the current MMD leadership likes it or not .

It is in the interests of the current MMD to flow with the tide by humbly accepting the olive branch extended to them by President Lungu because the MMD has already drifted towards the progressive and honest leadership of President Lungu.

Zambians have lost confidence in other political leaders who want to capitalize on the hardships the country is going through because the majority population can no longer fall for cheap propaganda as they know just too well the challenges which have befallen all SADC countries.

Most homes in Zambia can afford digital satellite television and are able to see that the economic slowdown and inflation Zambia is experiencing is also in the rest of SADC region. The problems Zambia is going through are not peculiar to her alone.

A large population of Zambians feel insulted by the cheap propaganda of blaming President Lungu for the EL Nino that is behind poor rainfall and energy shortage that Zambia and all the countries in the region are experiencing.

Through this broad exposure, Zambians know that their country is not an island and appreciate that under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu Zambia cannot be compared to other countries which have closed  down more mines and thrown millions of workers on the streets while industries continue to suffer. Nobody can deny the fact that Zambia has not been spared from the economic crisis affecting all the SADC and the entire world at large, but it is equally undeniable that government is doing its best to handle the situation and continue developing the country.

As ZDDM, we believe that Zambia cannot afford the luxury of retrogressive politics of demonizing each other.  It is therefore very important for the Patriotic Front supporters to welcome, accommodate and give the due respect to other political party members who have come to strengthen their party.

With time and the coming into the Patriotic Front of many people from other parties because of the good leadership of President Lungu, the image and character of the PF has changed drastically hence the need for MMD leaders including its leader Dr Nevers Mumba like Mumba to make a firm decision on whether to sink with the MMD or become relevant by accepting to work with the Patriotic Front.

As a Man of God we expect president Nevers Mumba to join his members who are already supporting the effort to develop Zambia being made by the 2016 WINNING TEAM of President Lungu who has surrendered this nation to God instead of being part of those desperately seeking power for the sake of it.

Zambia as a Christian nation needs God-fearing leaders and this is one quality which has attracted many Zambians towards President Lungu and if Dr Mumba is really a man of God then let him proudly join President Lungu  to the glory of God .

Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President

Pay students their meal  allowances

Dear Editor,

For me it does not matter how much news is edited by ZNBC TV.  I know their primary objective is to protect the interests of Government of today.

But even the little clip (lamentably I should say) that was shown to the viewers carried or revealed indecisiveness on the part of the minister of our Higher Education.

Why was he erasing the Vice Chancellor in that academic office when he was supposed to engage himself with the Student Union Leaders?

For me, I would say that he lacks respect or he is academically innate.

What he was saying that they could bring in new students or First Years as he corrected himself showed it all that he is an enigma regretting his earlier decision of closing the university.

Still I have a question I want to ask ZNBC, the director of programmes is:

“Are TV presenters allowed to give their opinion on what they are reporting?  If they are, then Government is at fault for not caring about students’ allowances since the two presenters this morning at 06.00 hours programme confessed that they do pay tax.

And by law in this country it is only Government of Republic of Zambia that collects tax.

Thank you ZNBC TV with you good edited clips and good protection of our Government.

So speaking our Government has the money.  Now why is our Government not paying our students their allowances?

Misappropriation of public funds could be at play.  The security wings should move in so that at the end they could rely only on their own investigations.

This country has a lot of sick people Mr IG.


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