King David, ruler of Israel was a man who loved God Almighty Jehovah Jaireh. Despite that his empire was strong and widely spread and received great honour from his people , he realized it was God who made him that important and great among the people of Israel.

The character of King David was that of praying, praising and worshipping God, as well as confessing his sins. The book of Psalms are many lyrics and poems by king David all showing his trust in his God, among them perhaps the most popular being Psalm 23. Despite his busy schedule as King of Israel, the ruler found time to praise God for his goodness and mercies, the King enjoyed in his Kingdom.

King David had a habit of consulting God on matters that concerned Israel, and for that reason he rarely went wrong in the area of governance.

King David decided to honour His God by building a Temple for people of Israel to go and praise and worship their God. But God said, he could not allow King David to build him a Temple because King David was a warrior and had killed many people (1st Chronicles 22: 6 – 10).

God’s plan was instead to allow Solomon to take over from his father King David as King of Israel and allow King Solomon to build the Lord God Almighty, Most High a Temple.

The words of advice from King David to his son Solomon, who was to become King Solomon of Israel, are as recorded in 1st Chronicles 28:9. ‘’And Solomon, my son, learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve him with all your whole heart and willing mind.

For the Lord knows every plan and the thought. If you seek Him, you will find Him. But if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever.’’

Those were great words of wisdom from a Father to his beloved son, who was about to ascend to the throne.

Truly speaking, people who seek God will always find Him Lord God almighty Jehovah Shammar. As David said to his Son Solomon, he had to know the Lord God intimately. To know God intimately is to love God with all our heart and with all our might.

To know the Lord intimately is to do His will. To obey His commands, not to neglect his instructions to live a way of life that only pleases Him, the maker.

To know Him intimately is to bring Him closer to us when we are supposed to do so and this is everyday. To involve Him in all our earthly daily plans and be able to check our thoughts that they are right before Him who created heaven and earth.

To know God intimately is to trust him God Almighty and show reverence only to Him, Father and Lord God Jehovah Jireh. Knowing He is a merciful God, prepared to hear and answer our prayers.

As we seek and find our God, we should know when to ask from him for wisdom necessary to support our way of life that is only desired by those who believe in the Lord God Almighty, God of Israel.

When we seek and find God, we should know him intimately by knowing his divine names and mention them as we praise him for his compassion and goodness to us his people who he continues to show, for as long as we live. To be faithful to him and to earnestly and faithfully serve him.

In Isaiah 65:8, the Bible says ’’Thus sayeth the Lord ,as the new wine found in the cluster and one saith ,destroy it not for a blessing is in it so will I do for my servants sake that I may not destroy them all.’’ There is great blessing in serving God. Therefore, for those of us who know God intimately, we know we should take time to serve God .This we must do without complaining. Finding our Lord, Father God Almighty is finding Salvation. When we seek and find the Lord God Almighty of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then even our prayer becomes more meaningful, because we are now praying to the Lord God Almighty we know He is listening and the response will be provided in no time, of course realizing that God’s time is the best time.

When we seek and find God, we should live by example as those who have experienced the love of God, since he loved us first according to John 3:16 .We should learn and conduct our selves as it is written in Mathews 5:13.’’You are the salt of the earth, but what good is salt if it has lost its flavour. Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled”.

As His believers we should run away from sin when we seek God Almighty, we should not deliberately sin before the very presence of our Lord. We should not deliberately do what we know our God despises. Isaiah 66:4. ‘’ I will send them great trouble all the things they feared ‘’ says the Lord.

Our God Almighty fought many wars for kings of Israel, when we seek and find him we should not forget he continues to fight our wars against, hunger, disease, poverty, hate and many more wars that we can think of existing in society. He will fight wars against our enemies and revenge will be His and not for us to do, Deuteronomy 32 – 35.

To know God intimately is to recognize his holiness which lasts forever and that he hates sin. He never comes near sin. In the same way we can receive blessings from God for doing what is right before Him. In the same way we can receive punishment for not doing the correct thing before the Lord God Almighty. It is therefore our duty as we seek God and find Him only to do what is right in his presence. When we sin, we should ask for forgiveness of sin Isaiah 1: 18 – 19.’Come now lets settle this, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow, though they are red’’

Be blessed as you seek God for many good things that point to the glory of God will follow you as it is written “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and the rest will follow you.’’ (Luke 12:31) This is a great assurance from our Lord Jesus Christ. It is always, God first.

And when blessings come our way it is important always to remember God as our Jehovah Jireh, the provider of all good things. Our Mighty God is always for us. Humanity sometimes may get boiled in matters of the world, but we must realize our iniquities and decide to seek God, he will certainly be there for us. 2nd Chronicles 15: 1 – 6.  If we forsake God, then the results are that he will forsake us.

When we seek and find God, we should learn to do what is good to everyone. People will bless us for doing what is well appreciated to them. They will pray for us to the Most High, who answers our prayers, because man blesses man, and God endorses Galatians 6:10. Doing good to everyone should start with our family members and those of the same faith.

And others, these may be prioritized as widows, orphans, vulnerable people of all ages, young and the elderly .A promise for such actions is made in Isaiah 58: 6 – 12 as a fasting that God likes. And psalms 41:1- 3, the promise of God for those who do likewise are recorded.

Our father, Lord God Almighty never misses on His promises. Surely all will come to pass one day (Genesis 21:1 – 7).

When we seek God and find Him, we shall not miss on the receiving of everlasting life, Salvation. This is written in John 5:24.

Seeking our Lord God Almighty and finding Him is a great blessing, because He is eternal King, immortal and the only God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, creator of earth and heaven, what is seen and what is not seen.

Seeking and finding God is to know Him as Great and Sovereign God.  For all our accomplishments in life as believers, we should give credit to Him our Lord and Father God Almighty.

The ability to run our businesses successfully and all our functions that bring joy in our lives, come from Him, Sovereign God who lives forever and ever.

Our Supreme Sovereign God is of great power and no one can rule over Him.  He is superior in position as compared to earthly rulers of various kingdoms and governing entities.  He is overall responsible of all rulers on earth.  He appoints them as He wishes.

Believing in the name of God, as the Father of Jesus Christ our Saviour is the catchword. Salvation comes to believers by the grace of God. Majesty and dignity comes from God and it is Him who decides as to who lives or dies. Praise and honour is for our Lord, our Father, and God Almighty Jehovah Jireh. As believers, we should always seek God in whatsoever action we intend to undertake for any good reason.  When we find Him, the Most High, we are expected to love Him and serve Him to the best of our ability.  When we seek and find Him, we should honour Him in prayer, praise and worship as King David used to do.

When we seek and find our Lord, Father God Almighty, we should not look behind and do what is not agreeable to Gods desires. We should constantly remain in prayer and ask for the increase of our faith. (Luke 17:5) as did the apostles. Our duty should be to continue in our faith and serving our God in earnest and truth, Amen.




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