I AM the legitimate president of the Democratic Front (DF) but it is shocking that Government has decided to deregister my party when all the legal documents clearly prove that Miles Sampa was only an impostor,” David Chanda has charged.

He said Mr Sampa had admitted that he had made a political gaff by attempting to hijack the DF, a political party he did not participate in its formation and had caused the revocation and cancellation of the registration of the party.

Mr Chanda said yesterday that he was shocked to learn that Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila had gone ahead to deregister the DF before exhausting the investigations.

He said Mr Sampa had realized that he made a mistake to declare himself president of the DF and even went on to launch the party knowing very well that he was not a leader of the party.

Mr Chanda said Mr Sampa allegedly attempted to correct his mistake by coercing some of the DF executive members to adopt him as president of the party but that the scheme flopped because, according to the DF constitution, a president could only be elected at a congress.

He revealed that Mr Sampa and his people held several meetings in different venues in which they were planning how best to normalize and create legitimacy in his leadership in the DF.

“In my view, it is shocking that my political party, the Democratic Front (DF) has been deregistered when the legitimate owner is known and available. The evidence at the Registrar of Societies is very clear that I am the president of DF and Mr Sampa is just an impostor who attempted to hijack the party.

‘‘The question that was put before the Registrar of Societies was a legal one as it was asking about who was the legitimate president of the DF and it was my expectation that Government should have resolved that question before coming up with a decision to revoke and cancel my registration certificate,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda said Mr Sampa did not assemble the right team when he was attempting to hijack the DF and that was why his schemes had miserably failed.

He said Mr Sampa. as a well-schooled person, should have known better the consequences of embarking on a political trajectory with a potential to permanently fracture his political career.

Mr Chanda said Mr Sampa should have conducted a thorough research on the ownership of the DF before launching the party because such an undertaking could have saved him from the embarrassment he had found himself in.

He said Mr Sampa had been too casual in dealing with the DF leadership and that was why he had ended up in a political quandary.

“After realizing that he had made a mistake, Mr Sampa called for a meeting at Pamodzi and another at Cresta View Hotel. He rounded up eight of the DF executive members and lobbied that he should be adopted as president of the party.

‘‘I know what these members were given and they have come back to me that Mr Sampa was soliciting to be recognized as president of the DF. But he hit a snag because according to the DF constitution, only a congress can elect a president,” Mr Chanda said.

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