GUNVOR Oil Group has dismissed Government’s findings that the crude oil in a ship marooned in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania which was destined for Zambia was contaminated with high levels of organic chlorides.

And Gunvor has denied having been informed by the Zambian Government that its contract had been cancelled.

But Energy ministry Permanent Secretary Emeldah Chola said yesterday Gunvor was ‘‘all over trying to mitigate its mess’’.

Gunvor corporate affairs manager Seth Pietras told the Daily Nation yesterday that it had carried out several tests for certainty and that the results met the required standards of organic chlorides.

“Gunvor has taken the additional step of re-testing the cargo for certainty. This morning we received the results that it meets standards required and has received a quality certificate,” Mr Pietras said.

He said the cargo, consisting of gasoil, naphtha and crude oil, was all on-spec, adding that Gunvor fully stood by its quality.

“Testing has fully verified this. With respect to the crude oil specifically, the organic chloride levels, which are common aspect for this type, are well within acceptable standards,” he said.

Government terminated Gunvor oil supply contract after it carried out its own test which indicated high levels of organic chlorides.

Gunvor accused outside competitors of engaging in ‘‘scaremongering’’ which it warned had the potential to put Zambia’s oil procurement system at risk.

Brigadier General Chola said Gunvor had written to her office and has urged the oil firm to wait for her response.

Last week, the Ministry of Energy and Water Development revealed that Gunvor supplied a cargo that docked on January 10, 2016, containing high levels of organic chlorides, similar to the cargo received in June 2015 which saw Government losing over US$10 million.

Subsequently, Government announced the cancellation of the contract with Gunvor, replacing it with the Independent Petroleum Group (IPG) of Kuwait.

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