Panji bans allocation of land by Kitwe City Council

GOVERNMENT has banned the Kitwe City Council (KCC)from any land transactions until its  backlog of applicants is cleared.

The decision was meant to clean up the mess of illegal sale of land which was being perpetrated by suspended councillors and some council officers.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Colonel Panji Kaunda announced the ban yesterday during a press briefing at the Kitwe Civic Centre where he warned that the law would continue to pursue councilors and chief officers who are alleged to be involved in the illegal sale of land.

“From the information we have collected so far, most of the land has been sold illegally and most of our councilors are involved. Relevant law enforcement agencies will pursue this matter to the furthest. The people who have been swindled by councilors are the poorer of the poorest.

“So from what we have gathered, government has decided to ban the allocation of land by the KCC until a back log of people who had earlier applied for land at the council is cleared. Land is supposed to be for every Zambian. Not just a few people. Wars have broken out because of land ,” Colonel Kaunda said.

Colonel Kaunda said it was sad that some councilors were getting money from the poor people by claiming that they had pieces of land to sell them when in actual fact they had nothing.

He said President Edgar Lungu was upset with the behaviour of some councilors who were involved in the illegal sale of land and that no one would be spared if found guilty of the offense

.” I can tell you that President Lungu is very upset with these reports of councilors swindling people through illegal sale of land. So no one will be spared if found guilty of the offense.

“It is sad that councilors who are suppose to provide leadership are the ones who are involved in illegal sale of land. This is very sad and i can tell you that the PF government abhors illegal sale of land. Our forefathers were not sleeping in the buss so that only a few people benefit from our resources. No,:” He said.

And Colonel Kaunda has said councilors with evidence that Copper belt Minister Mwenya Musenge was involved in the illegal sale of land near the Nkana Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC) Treatment Plant on 17th Avenue in Nkana East residential area should take the evidence to law enforcement agencies.

He said if the Copper belt Minister was involved in the illegal sale of land, he would be visited by the law because the law knows no rank.

“Those councilors with evidence that Hon. Musenge is involved in the illegal sale of land should bring it forth so that he is investigated. If my brother, Hon. Musenge is involved in the vice of illegal sale of land, he will face the law. We are not shielding any one,” He said.

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