Lusaka residents raise concern over students’ riots at UNZA, CBU

Some concerned members of the public in Lusaka have raised concern over continued riots by students at the Copperbelt University (CBU) and University of Zambia.

They said riots should not be allowed to escalate because they would seriously affect education systems at the two higher learning institutions.

Mr Phillip Kabelenga a concerned citizen said that the permanent solution to ending the riots at the biggest learning institutions of learning was for Government to stop giving bursaries and completely ban any form of assistance to the students.

He said it was only then that the students would understand the importance of bursaries and value of education.

Mr Kabelenga said that there were students who came from very poor families and did not have bursaries or allowances and were still in school and their only aim was to study and pass their exams to better their lives.

Unfortunately most students on bursaries were the ones who enjoyed rioting because they were not grateful for the effort Government has made by paying for them.

Ms Pamela Wamunyima another concerned citizen said that the behaviour of the students of rioting every now and then was not good especially that Zambia was a Christian nation.

Ms. Wamunyima said that the students should understand that no matter how much they riot they will not be able to achieve anything but will only inconvenience their study schedule.

She said that riots did not make things any better and the students should find a better way of getting the attention of the Government and stakeholders without the use of violence in which public property was destroyed.

“These students are not solving anything by rioting; they are just making things worse and cause a delay to development.

“The people at CBU and UNZA are supposed to be the intellectuals of the country and should be not be behaving like illiterate people who do not understand how development works,’’ said Ms Wamunima.

Ms. Wamunyima said destroying public property was a sign of backwardness because only people who did not want development could resort to such behaviour. –Millenium Radio 90.5FM

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