Lusaka surety jailed 5 months after failing to pay K80,000


The Lusaka Magistrates Court has jailed another surety, an employee of Chainama Hills College who was representing two accused persons of Syrian and Egyptian origin who are facing a charge of abduction, to five months imprisonment with hard labour after failing bail obligations to bring an accused person before court.

Joseph Mwanashinku was sent to jail after he failed to pay K80,000 bail obligations after the accused were reported to have jumped bail.

When asked by the court the whereabouts of Suleman Hamdan, he told court that he was not sure where he was and when he tried to reach him on his mobile a friend of his answered and told him that Suleman had left the country.

And the arresting officer in the matter Frazer Sikawetu told the court that he received four bench warrants of arrest for the two sureties and two accused persons Suleman and Mohammed Sali.

He said through the help of members of the public he managed to apprehend Mwanashinku from his place of work.

Mr Sikawetu told court that he also went to the Ministry of Education to see a Ms Theressa a curriculum analyst and was told she was unwell.

Her husband had told him that his wife Theressa was hospitalised awaiting surgery.

Mr Sikawetu added that he then apprehended Sali from Northmead Complex through the help of Sali’s wife.

And Sali who was represented by Mr Valentine Kabungo was asked to explain to court why he was not appearing before court, and said he was misinformed by his co-accused on the dates of appearing in court. He also said the other time he jumped bail was because he was in remanded in custody on another charge.

In his ruling Magistrate Kenneth Mulife told Sali that he deliberately decided not to come to court and that was the reason why he lied before court that his absence to court was due to the accident he was involved in.

Mr Mulife also told Sali that he did not buy his story that he was misinformed by Suleman on the dates of coming to court when he had a lawyer who was representing him.

Mr Mulife revoked the bail for Sali and ordered that he goes back to prison until the end of the court proceedings and forfeited the K10,000 cash bail to the State.

He ordered Mwanashinku to immediately pay a fine fee of K80,000 as bail obligations for the two accused persons or go to prison for a period of five months with hard labour.

He told Mwanashinku that he was warned several times before signing the bail for the accused persons. This was after Mwanashinku told the court that he did not know the whereabouts of Suleman.

Mwanashinku is the third surety to have been jailed in this matter.

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