MATERO Member of Parliament Miles Sampa is a disgrace to Bembas because he has undermined their unity by employing divisive tendencies among them for forming the Democratic Front (DF) to split their loyalty to the PF, National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba has charged.

And Dr. Mumba has noted that the PF deserved better political parties to form an alliance with and not weak and divided parties such as the MMD which were not yet decided on which route to take in this year’s election.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Dr. Mumba said Mr. Sampa’s move to launch the controversial DF was retrogressive and that his motives to divide the Bembas showed that he was a political amateur who did not understand what politics was about.

He said Mr. Sampa’s desperation would cost the country dearly as Zambians would be robbed of national unity and development if a different party came into government as it would never continue with the PF’s developmental agenda as it would be a trial version government.

He said Mr. Sampa should be ashamed of himself for engaging in tribal politics by thinking that he was proving a point to the PF but dismantling its strongholds by using his tribe and former president Michael Sata’s legacy.

“Sampa is a political amateur who does not understand that his actions to form a party in order to divide the Bemba vote have huge effects on the future and development of the country.

And Dr. Mumba has observed that the PF made a mistake to court MMD into an alliance because it did not have any following that would enable the ruling party garner reasonable votes from its influence.

He maintained that the PF was capable of winning the election alone even if it did not go into any alliance with any party, adding that MMD would only derail its mobilisation process and campaign strategy because it was undecided on the alliance.

Dr Mumba wondered why MMD president Nevers Mumba was allegedly making contradicting statements over the alliance with the PF and advised him to come out in the open and declare his position so that it did not disturb the PF, rather than playing hide and seek over trivial issue.

He also wondered why the PF thought of courting a party that was divided while there were other credible parties that could have given the ruling party a smooth victory.

“There are two MMD groupings as at now; one headed by Dr. Mumba and the other headed by Rupiah Banda and this is why Dr. Mumba has failed to come out in the open on his position over the alliance.

“Here is a man who tells you that he has joined an alliance, and the following day he tells you that he is a presidential candidate for his party and this shows that he is not decided. The MMD is involved in its own internal wrangles and will not give the PF any votes,” Dr Mumba said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mumba has said that his party was ready to go into an alliance with any other progressive party.

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  1. Mwaba says:

    Dr. Cosmo Mumba you have a party you’re running don’t waste our time talking about PF and what need to do in order to become a better party .concentrate on building your party. Hon Miles Sampa is aspiring for national leadership for all Zambians and not just to unite the Bemba tribe. Cosmo you are a tribalist and we. meaningful Zambians will not entertain your type in politics of the country. ‘pakafentelo’


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