ORANGE alliance is not tribal because it has a lot of people who are not Bembas, says National Restoration Party (NAREP) vice president Charles Maboshe.

“NAREP entered into a pact to become a force to reckon with and make the voice stronger,” he said.

Mr Maboshe said this in an interview with the Daily Nation.

He said since the introduction of the 50 percent plus 1 vote clause, some political parties have seen the formation of alliances as a formular for them to win election.

“There are two mechanisms concerning the 50 plus1 clause. For one to be declared President of the Republic of Zambia, they have to get above 51 percent of the total votes cast. In an event that no presidential candidate gets above 51 percent, it calls for a re-run meaning only the two top parties will be allowed to contest the second ballot. As Orange Alliance, we are looking forward to see change by fighting poverty and not one another,” Mr Maboshe said.

He said the empowerment of women and intergenerational equity was a main focus for the Orange Alliance.

“We are including youths and women in governance structures by giving youths a 40 percent and 40 percent for women to contest in the alliance.

“The people of Zambia now know they have an opportunity to join a party that has a bold vision, through our messages we will attract a lot of people to support the party,” Mr Maboshe said.

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  1. ET says:

    Ba Maboshe its you who is tribal. Why mentioning people ‘s tribe. When campaigning talk of policies you are planning to put in place. Talk of things which people may be attracted with. Don’t use peopple’s tribe cause it will only bring division in the country. Tell peopple to stop depend much on government. Educate peopple the danger of over dependence.


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