Thieves terrorize Chilenje, Kabwata


THIEVES are terrorizing Chilenje and Kabwata townships in Lusaka and residents have called on police to tighten security in the area.

The residents complained that the two areas have been invaded by thieves who had the cheek to steal even in broad day light.

They claimed that thieves were breaking into people’s homes in broad day light without fear of being caught.

Mr Kingsley Zulu, a resident of Kabwata, said that stealing in the area has worsened for it happens in the same row of houses per night.

Mr. Zulu said it was scary because the thieves move in groups and steal big household items which they cart away.

He said that stealing in the area now happens during the day and night much to the shock of the people who were losing property on a daily basis.

‘’These thieves are becoming notorious by the day because some of them are even stealing in broad day light without fear of being caught,” said Mr. Zulu.

Ms Emelda Nkweto, a resident of Chilenje, said that there was need for police to intensify patrols in the area because people no longer felt safe even in their own homes because they could be attacked any time.

Ms. Nkweto said it was hard for the people because could not understand how a thief was able to steal their property right in their presence.

“As residents it has become scary because we do not understand how thieves have increased in our area because every day there is a report of someone being attacked and having their property stolen.

“We have come to the conclusion that these thieves use some kind of juju on the people so that they fall into a deep sleep and do not wake up even if they hear the thieves breaking in,’’ she said.

She said residents now lived in fear because a thief could break into their house any time and get away with property.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM


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