PF aware of renegade MPs – Fr Bwalya

Gullible Members of Parliament who were promised great things by estranged Democratic Front leader Miles Sampa will soon realise the promises were empty PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has said.

THE Patriotic Front, he said, was aware of some of its MPs who were sympathetic to Miles Sampa and were in the firm belief that the new party had the capacity to destabilise PF but  that in realitythe general PF membership remained strong and resolute.

Fr. Bwalya the PF as a national mass membership organisation remained steadfast and was on course to ‘‘reclaim its members who have blindly followed Mr. Sampa’’ because they will soon realise that the carrots dangled before them were re not sustainable.

He said only a few stooges were religiously following Mr. Sampa and were looking for financial benefits promised to them.

He called on the PF members not to be suspicious of those people who supported Mr. Sampa during the time that the party went through turmoil just before the 2015 presidential by-election but to embrace them because they had ditched him after realising that he did not mean well for them.

He said that the PF was alive to the fact that there were a few individuals such as Members of Parliament who exerted influence on the people that elected them into office who had aligned themselves to Mr Sampa’s Democratic Front because they were in tandem with Mr. Sampa in his schemes to ensure that they destabilised the PF but said they will not succeed.

He said there was need for the PF membership to exercise unity of purpose and not to be swayed by rhetoric coming from the DF which did not have any proper following to cause any upset in this year’s election.

He said as far as the PF was concerned, all the ‘‘prodigal sons’’ who supported Mr. Sampa in his initial stage of forming his party were more than welcome because the PF was a bigger political party which never engaged in petty politics and accommodated everyone as long as they believed in its philosophy and objective.

“We know there may be our brothers and sisters who supported Mr. Sampa before the 2015 elections and even at the creation of DF because they wanted money which he flashed around for those who he wanted to hoodwink but we know that most of them have already started coming out of his party because they have realised that they cannot sell their souls for the sake of the little money they are enticed with.

“Mere members have no ability to destabilise the party but people in leadership such as MPs. Of course there are MPs who are sympathising with Mr. Sampa but I will not divulge more information relating to the same now. However, we have remained strong.

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