Mwendapole lambasts alliance

THE chances of the opposition UPND winning the 2016 elections have been pushed further away because of the party’s decision to associate with individuals who are well known for their arrogance, says Christian Coalition executive director John Mwendapole.

Mr Mwendapole said as much as politicians exercised their rights, alliances would not change anything because all the politicians had their own ideologies.

He said the double standards exhibited by some political players would cost them especially that their agenda was to kick the ruling PF out of power.

Mr Mwendapole claimed than none of the present politicians was as wise as the late President Michael Sata who picked President Edgar Lungu to be his successor upon seeing the humbleness in him.

“People must learn to be humble and learn from other past politicians like the late President Sata who worked for this country in different governments diligently, until he finally formed his party when he felt he was willing to save the nation.

‘‘President Sata was not in a hurry and this is what is lacking in this crop of political players we have today because they do not want to be under others,” he said.

He said the trend of political players not wanting to be led by others had failed many of them, adding that the worst part was forming the alliances without proper agenda, which was a source of confusion because everyone wanted to be a leader at the end of the day.

He wondered the motive behind the merging of the opposition UPND and Rainbow party, which had different agendas – capitalism and socialism.

“If those alliances are objectives for 2016 elections and what happens afterwards, and besides, forming pacts with parties without structures is a share waste of time because most of them have individual ideas which shows that they are not ready to rule this country,” he said. Mr Mwendapole said President Lungu was where he was because of his humbleness, saying those who were power-hungry would continue to be in the same positions while their friends were going forward.

“People were fighting for power in the PF and President Lungu who was not part found himself ruling over them, and this should remain a lesson that leadership is God-given and not by force,” he said.


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