Don’t blame PF on

 new Constitution

Dear Editor,

The fact that PF was unable to deliver the new constitution in 90 days as promised during the 2011 election campaign is beyond doubt.

However, as people blamed the ruling party for lack of commitment and sincerity, they should have tried to understand what really made it a non-performer in this regard.

At the opposition political parties’ consultative meeting facilitated and convened by veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga at Courtyard Hotel, Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba confessed that he was a bad leader when he was Minister of Justice and secretary general of the PF but had since repented because he now wants to be a good leader and

citizen (Daily Nation, January 31, 2016).

But Kabimba could not cite underlying factors and reasons that made the former president late Michael Sata, fire him from both portfolios shortly before his death.

This confession omission is making a reasonably number of PF, other political leaders and the public to absolve him from all his political sins an uphill task.

Besides, the Rainbow Party leader’s claim that the new constitution did not reflect the desires and views of the people must be taken with a large grain of salt.

The real issue is that many opposition leaders; besides attending deceptive consultative meetings (the few who care to

attend) to speak eloquently at the subsequent press conferences, deep down in their hearts have no regard for the desires and views of the people.

So, who is to blame for the PF’s failure to deliver the new constitution in 90 days?

Why was Kabimba fired by the late president Michael Sata? These are some of the questions that remain begging for honest answers from the Rainbow Party leader.


Mubanga Luchembe,


The Orange Alliance is a cheap tribal grouping

Dear Editor,

If the sole purpose of forming the so-called alliances is to remove PF from government, then the fellows have missed the point.

I thought they were forming alliances with the hope of bettering the lives of Zambians. Lo, how wrong I was!

It is clear then they are behaving like frightened rats and do not know what to do because President Lungu is headed for victory.

So it is mere hatred for Lungu that some people have gone for alliances which will achieve nothing at the end.

President Lungu has been anointed by God and nobody is going to steal it from him, with or without imprudent alliances.

Some of the so-called alliances have even gone tribal (Bemba) to weaken Lungu’s vote base in Bemba speaking regions.

That’s what desperation does to cheap minds.

Jane M. Zackeyo

You do not mobilise people against a sitting president

Dear Editor

Sunday Post headline, “we are going to mobilise people against Lungu” made sad reading and is worrisome to us citizens of this country who do not want to see our brothers and sisters go up in arms against each other.

For the sake of peace and tranquillity let our politicians  choose the right words.

You cannot mobilize people against a sitting president because that is tantamount to treason.

If the authorities decide to pursue the opposition with regards to the same statements are they going to say that they are being persecuted?

We the citizens do not want to see our leaders fighting at all times, because where two elephants fight what suffers is the grass.

Let Zambia continue to be a beacon of peace as it has always been.

Let our leaders weigh their statements before they utter them. I am appealing to all our politicians to practice the politics of love because you never know, tomorrow you may be sharing the same platform with the person you are insulting today.

The opposition would rather have said they will persuade people to vote for them so that the ruling party goes out of power.

I am not a master at this Queen’s language but with my simple understanding of this second language, something was wrong in that statement.

I will wait to be corrected if  I am wrong in my observations.

Philemon Sakala

Politics of hate and insults out 

Dear Editor,

Some politicians will not cease to amuse the public. They have become public entertainers in frivolity and invectives

If they don’t criticise or insult President Lungu they feel sick. How appalling!

Sure ba ADD president Charles Milupi which president in his right frame of mind would love to put his country on fire? What would that benefit him or her?

And at no time has President Lungu encouraged political violence of any shape or size. And this you know.

If a few members of the party misbehave that does not mean the rest are equally rotten. This blanket condemnation will just not do.

But I totally agree with Milupi when he says those who give violence and haste to others will get violence and hate.  Now what about this hate that you and others seem to have for President Lungu?

I stand to be corrected if I insinuate that Milupi presently has no dreams about State House but should that be passport to disparage the President in all form and manner? I don’t think so. In fact there is no single opposition party in Zambia which is offering checks and balances to  the government.  All they offer are clean insults and hatred which is not good for our mother Zambia.

I wish therefore to appeal to all politicians in Zambia to refrain from inflammatory language or behaviours as we approach elections.

Tell people real issues that affect them only then will Zambia move forward. Let’s move away from petty jealousies which appear to be threatening the peace the country has enjoyed for over 50 years.

It is easy to start a war but hard to stop it.

Worried citizen, LUSAKA

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