I’m MMD presidential candidate – Nevers


UNTIL all issues regarding the formation of the alliance with the Patriotic Front (PF) are resolved and solidly agreed, the MMD will have its own presidential candidate for the August general elections, Nevers Mumba has said.

Dr Mumba who is MMD president said the former ruling party and the PF had not yet formed an alliance and it was therefore not correct to insinuate that he (Dr Mumba) was out of the presidential race in August.

At the last NEC meeting only the North Western Province delegation rejected the establishment of an alliance with the PF, 7 Provinces approved while two other provinces could not declare their official position because there were no delegates with authority or mandate to do so.

Dr Mumba said he could not state whether he would be on the ballot paper or fall off the presidential race in the August general elections following the resolution to form an alliance with the PF.

He said the MMD and the PF had only expressed interest to work with each other but the two political parties would have to make its conclusion after Dr Mumba and President Lungu met to discuss the matter.

Dr Mumba said he would remain a presidential candidate for the MMD as much as President Lungu would remain the candidate for the PF until such a time when the two leaders would agree on the modalities of how they would work together.

“I am the presidential candidate for the MMD and President Lungu remains a candidate for the PF. As president of the MMD, I will have to meet with President Lungu and the two of us are going to agree on the way forward. So there is no alliance yet and depending on what we are going to discuss and agree, you will be able to know,” Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba declined to discuss whether he was going to contest the presidency or not, stating that it was not proper for him to engage into discussing the alliance ahead of the agenda of the meeting he was scheduled to hold with President Lungu.

But Kasempa MMD member of Parliament Kabinga Pande has announced that a number of MPs are planning for a meeting that would consider the decision by the former ruling party to form an alliance with the PF.

Mr Pande who is former MMD national chairman said the former ruling party’s MPs have been consulting each other following the announcement that the party had accepted the offer by the PF to form a working alliance for the August general elections.

He told the Daily Nation that the MPs had been consulting each other and would next week call for a press conference at which a comprehensive statement would be issued.

“A number of MPs have been getting together following the announcement that the MMD is going to form an alliance with the PF. We are going to meet as MMD M[Ps and we are going to make a comprehensive statement,” Mr Pande said.

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