Kalomo needs better roads, says aspiring MP

MY priority will be to lobby for improved road infrastructure in Kalomo Central constituency because our agriculture sector cannot do well without good roads, says aspiring member of Parliament for Kalomo  Smart Muwele. He told the Daily Nation yesterday that it was unfortunate that successive parliamentarians had failed to lobby for meaningful infrastructure development in the road sector. Mr. Muwele said being a farming area, Kalomo needed good roads to ensure that farmers delivered their agriculture produce to markets in good time and ferrying their farming inputs and implements without incurring heavy costs due to the poor road network in the constituency. As of now farmers were paying more on transportation which he said was not reflective of the distance covered. He said agriculture was the only viable economic activity in the area which needed to be given special attention by making the chain of distribution from the farmers and the end-users smooth so that farmers were not burdened with additional costs. He noted that despite being the first capital town of Zambia, Kalomo had failed to maximise its potential mainly due to poor leadership that the people had been subjected to as most leaders only resurfaced to make new campaign promises after their five-year mandate was over. He said failure by most MPs to get back to work with their constituents once voted into power was the main reason why most areas across the country remained underdeveloped as there was no meaningful interaction between MPs and the electorate. “My priority would be to improve the road sector in Kalomo. For a long time now, most of our roads have never been worked on, making most of them impassable during the rainy season. ‘‘Kalomo is a farming block and farmers pay more on transport just to move their products to the market, not because of distance, but because of the poor state of roads. “Transporters sometimes shun certain routes due to bad roads and a few of them who take the risk charge exorbitant fares and that exploits the farmer. There is need to seriously lobby for development in the road sector and that is what I will endeavour to do,” Mr. Muwele said. He advised parliamentarians to engage more with the people that put them in office if they were to contribute positively towards developing their constituencies. “Interaction with electorates is very important because it creates a rapport that gives the leader an insight into what they are expected to do. This issue of having MPs who only go back to their constituencies during the time they seek for votes is not right and this is what is retarding development,” he said.

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One Response to “Kalomo needs better roads, says aspiring MP”

  1. Mich says:

    Well said Mr. Muwele. How do we know you will not do exactly the same?


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