THE Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) executive should be disbanded because it is a group of compromised individuals whose existence in the organisation is illegal and only aimed at benefiting a few individuals and not the media in Zambia, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has said.

He challenged the Registrar of Societies to explain why the association was still operating when it did not satisfy statutory requirements.

Mr. Musoma told the Daily Nation yesterday that the media in Zambia had remained orphaned for a long time due to lack of proper representation because institutions such as PAZA were existing for individual executive members’ benefits and not media institutions.

He said the current PAZA executive was imposing itself on the organisation as its mandate ended a long time ago adding that the executive should be disbanded immediately to allow elections to be held so that credible people could be given the mandate to run it.

Mr Musoma said in its current form, PAZA was a toothless organisation which did not have any interest of the media at heart and that only a few individuals were benefiting from it as it had remained mute on serious matters that affected the media in Zambia.

He said government and other relevant authorities should step in to stop the illegalities that had engulfed the organisation by ensuring that it operated according to the provisions of its constitution.

Mr Musoma said Zambians were not dull and were watching with keen interest the double-standards being displayed by the organisation which he said favoured the cartel, a group that had allegedly spread its tentacles across influential institution to meet its objective of discrediting government and other key institutions.

He said sanity in PAZA will only come once the current leadership allowed legitimate people to run it by calling for elections as the current leadership was illegally running the institution as its mandate expired a long time ago.

“As ZRP, we feel that PAZA should be disbanded immediately so that a new leadership is put in place.

There is no way you can have an institution that has an executive which goes against its own constitution by staying in power forever. We can all see that the hand of the cartel is at play here and that is why when some media institutions are agitating for anarchy in the country, they are quiet and only speak when it suites the cartel.

“As things are, PAZA is just another organisation that has not helped the media industry in any way in the past decade that the current crop of leaders have been in office and this has had a negative impact on the media industry because it does not have any heart for the industry,” Mr. Musoma said.

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